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Ok, so the Vaping Site o’ the Week has kind of been on hiatus for a while. The feature may not be weekly any longer, but I do hope from time to time to bring you a new site to check out.  This one came to my attention when the site’s owner, Nathan submitted a guest post on quitting smoking a while back, so I thought I’d profile his site since it’s an interesting concept.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s running a killer contest right now to win a brand new DNA30 Vapor Shark mod.

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Vaping Cheap is an e-cigarette deals site that features gear with great pricing as well as coupon codes and other goodies.  What makes this site stand out from others is the frequent contests Nathan runs.  Everyone likes to win free stuff after all!  Here’s what Nathan had to say about his site:

Vaping Cheap is all about finding the best products at the best prices. You can find and submit daily vape deals, enter free vape gear sweepstakes, and learn cool stuff that might even save you some money? It’s a relatively new website, maybe you haven’t heard of yet. Every day at Vaping Cheap new vaping deals are posted for low cost products. Some are from large well known vape stores and others are from smaller shops. You can even submit your own deals that you’ve discovered online. Right now you can enter to win a VaporShark DNA30 Mod at

Nathan himself also has an interesting story I thought I’d share. He’s no Johnny-come-lately to the industry, that’s for sure:

I first discovered vaping at the end of 2008, by January 2009 I opened an online e-cig store selling DSE901’s. For awhile it was great but i quickly ran into problems with Paypal, merchant accounts, US customs, legal issues, and Chinese vendors. It finally all ended when my website was legally taken away by a tobacco company, the one who now owns Blu. (It had to do with Trademarks and my domain name). I literally woke up one morning and my website was gone. Time passes and I decide to go back to school. Now i’m on a tight budget and taking out student loans so I would always spend a lot of time looking for the best deals on vaping supplies. I saw other sites listing deals and I thought it would be fun to start Vaping Cheap. I also figured I might be able to make some extra money and help pay off my student loans. I also wanted to make sure and give back to the community. I promised myself that if it ever made money I would give a portion of it back through sweepstakes or contest on my website. That’s the quick version of my story, I hope you will come and visit and join the community.


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