Smartphone Integrated Vaping Devices In the Works

e-Cigarettes and smartphones. They just seem to go together like something straight out of a cyberpunk novel.  Thus far, moves to combining the two have largely fallen flat.  I was recently contacted by a company that wants to throw their hat in to bringing us in the future. InteVape is a startup that has a couple of phone-integrated prototypes they are looking to get on the market.

The devices snap on an existing smartphone kind of like a battery case.  In fact, it looks like there’s an onboard battery that can also charge the phone.  The device also connects to the phone via USB or bluetooth and integrates with an app (although the screenshots appear to be mockups at this point). The app could potentially be used to monitor usage as well as adjust output settings.

There’s two models that seem like they will be of interest to vapers.  The first is the base model which will have a standard 510 or 808 connector and run most commonly available cartos and tanks.  The second they’re calling the SC.  That one could potentially be used to deliver more than just e-liquid and has a modular sort of refillable tank system.  They like to refer to it as the K-cup for vaping.  Peep the product info they sent me for more info.

Whether or not these products make it to market remains uncertain.  I’ll be interested to follow the progress and see if it pans out into anything, or if it’s another hybrid that doesn’t quite make the Jetsons a reality.

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InteVape flyerInteVapeSC flyer

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