Smok Trophy Tank Review – Rip-off or Improvement?

SmokTech’s Trophy Tank is pretty much an exact copy of the Kanger ProTank.  There, I said it.  But, that doesn’t mean it can’t have a life of its own.  So, despite it seeming like this would be an exact copy of the ProTank review, I’m going to go ahead and review the Smok Trophy Tank anyway.  You might be surprised.  Read on for more.

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smok trophy tank review title Product name Trophy Bottom Coil Tank
Available from  MadVapes
Price  $11.99
Tank Construction  Pyrex
Capacity 2.5ml
Competing products Kanger ProTank
Who’s it for?  Users who want a glass, bottom coil tank. Particularly vapers who like acidic e-liquids

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SmokTech Trophy Tank Design

First of all, forgive me if I accidentally slip up and call this thing a ProTank.  I’ve caught myself doing it once already.  It’s pretty easy to confuse the two.

protank with trophy tank comparisonBased on that statement, if you’re familiar with the original, you already have a great idea of what I’m going to write in this section.  If you want to skip to page 2, go ahead, you won’t hurt my feelings.

Alright, for those of you who are still here, let’s go through the Trophy’s design.  There are a couple of defining features of this tank.  The first is it features a Pyrex tank section instead of the traditional plastic.  Those of you who like cinnamon or citrus e-liquids in particular find this a required feature.

Perched atop that glass tank is a single-piece metal end cap and mouthpiece. That piece is attached permanently to the tank.  The inside of the mouthpiece/cap combo features a tube which runs most of the length of the tank to allow vapor and air to flow from the heating coil at the bottom of the tank.

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That tube receives the stem of the replaceable head that mounts to the bottom cap. A silicone gasket seals the connection between the tube and the stem when the bottom is in place. The head, containing the heating coil, short wicks and previously mentioned stem can be unscrewed from the bottom cap and quickly replaced.

Filling the tank is a simple matter of dripping liquid in from the bottom.  Just be careful not to get liquid down the center tube, lest you want to wear a little of your e-liquid.

The end cap screws into a metal band attached to the bottom of the glass tank.  The band, which is about an inch thick has the Smok logo and “Trophy Tank” etched on opposite sides. That at least makes it easier to not confuse it with Kanger’s tank.

About the only other difference is that Smok’s tank doesn’t come in the fancy presentation box, nor does it include additional heads.

What does set the two tanks apart is the Trophy Tank’s performance.  Read on to page 2 to find out more.

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