7 Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms Blamed on Vaping: eCig 101

5. Stomach Upset and Gas

smoking withdrawal stomach upsetHere we have an unexpected symptom of smoking withdrawal. Some people as they move over to vaping might report all manners of stomach upset.  I’ll try to not be crude about it.

This particular set of woes tend to set in after a couple of weeks.  The explanation is pretty much the same as all the others.  Your mouth and lungs aren’t the only things that host all the toxins from smoking.  Some of that shows up in your stomach too.

As the extra visitors get expelled from your nether regions, it’s bound to throw things out of whack.  Some people may experience cramping, gas, constipation or even the runs.

This will subside as the bacteria in your digestive system rights itself.  Keeping hydrated and eating a fiber rich diet may help things along in this department.

6. Moodiness

smoking withdrawal screamingPut simply, nic fits.  While e-cigarettes provide nicotine fairly effectively, they don’t deliver all the stuff you got in your old cigarettes.

For starters, there’s a number of ingredients in cigarettes the exist solely to more efficiently deliver nicotine to your brain.  Those ingredients don’t exist in electronic cigarettes.

Nor do most of the other chemicals found in cigarettes.  Some of which might be equally or more addictive than the nicotine itself.  As a result, some people find that e-cigarettes don’t quite take the edge off quitting smoking.

This may lead to irritability and some of the other feelings most common with quitting smoking.  Fortunately, for most converts, these symptoms are much more mild than they are will less effective things like the gum or patch.  Naturally, these will pass with time.

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7. Increased Sex Drive

e-cigarette symptoms romantic bedI didn’t want to end this article all doom and gloom.  There are of course many benefits to not smoking analog cigarettes any more.  There’s the ability to breathe and not smell like an ashtray. However, I thought I’d go with one that’s a little less advertised, and far more interesting.

It turns out that smoking decreases your sex drive.  According to this article as you recover for smoking, you may find your libido (and stamina) have become supercharged.

I won’t offer any suggestions to diminish this particular symptom.

You are welcome.

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  • Also watch out for the Quit Ulcers and the Quit Zits.

    the Quit Ulcers are mouth ulcers that come on as a result of quitting tobacco cigarettes cold turkey – or just switching away from them to something safer. Good news: they pass fairly quickly. This is a very common symptom of quitting, however you go about it.

    The Quit Zits are very bad news, luckily they only affect a few quitters. They can are like acne, and you can get it even if you never had acne as a teenager. The bad news is that for some people they take months to clear.

    These cigarette-quitting symptoms are experienced by any type of quitters and have nothing to do with ecigs. The ulcers usually go reasonably quickly – the zits don't. See your doctor for a skin-cleansing med, it's the only thing that can help. Don't bother quitting the ecig as it's nothing to do with this. There is only one thing that might possibly fix it (apart from going back to smoking), and that is Snus. We have no data on this fix and it would be worth investigating as the Zits are bad news.

    • I forgot all about the quit zits!

      • Hehe.

        Wouldn't wish the ex-smoker's acne on anyone, it's supposed to be real nasty, especially as it lasts months.

    • Unfortunately the Quit Ulcers do not go away fairly quickly. I have been analog free since October 2012 and I've been fighting them from the moment I quit. There is not a day that goes by that I don't have at least 1 ulcer in my mouth and I have had up to 10 at a time.

      • I’ve been smoking the ecigs for almost a year. (Quit smoking cigarettes about that long ago) In the last 2 months or so I’ve had these 2 ulcers on my tongue right close to the tip, my tongue feels like it’s kind of coated with something, and the front half my tongue feels numb. All of this is mostly on the right side and I have a ridge along the right side of my cheek that is very sore. I thought that I had been biting my cheek during sleep, but is never gets well. I’ve been to my doctor and he doesn’t know what is wrong. I tried a prescription of mouth rinse, I use warm salty water rinse 2 or 3 times a day and I’ve tried mouth rinse for sore gums or injuries in the mouth, and nothing has helped. I also chew the sugarless gum when I smoke. Do you have anything like that? I think it’s from the ecigs, but I don’t want to have to quit, but if this continues I’ll have to. I’d also don’t know what all the vg/pg stuff is and tanks, etc. I use the V2 ecigs. Do you think it’s the ecgis?

  • 5. Stomach Upset and Gas

    More likely, this is caused by the vegetable glycerin in the e-juice. I for example am plagued with the above, AND it gives me the trots. :( Good news is that propylene glycol, does not have the same effect on me.

    • PG/VG sensitivity can be a little more difficult to sniff out. A lot of times it's because some of these symptoms linger.

      I'd feel bad for anyone that was sensitive to both, I'm sure it happens. That would be a bummer.

      • I was lucky, when I started I decided to get some juice in pure vg, some in pure pg. It was immediately obvious there was an issue with the vg stuff so I did a little research, found I wasn't alone, tried the pure pg and was golden. Worked my way up to 30% vg, that's as much as I can take.

  • Those will be covered in a separate article. The effects of nicotine withdrawal are mitigated if you are using nicotine-containing cartridges for your e-cigarette, but due all of the tar, carcinogens and other chemicals in tobacco smoke and the years of accumulation, some of these signs may nevertheless happen. You should understand that your body is undergoing a change.leicher@hotmail.comleicher@hotmail.com

  • Yeah the ex-smokers acne is the worst. I've had acne since my teen years, but after I stopped smoking, for some very very odd reason, my acne got worse. You would think that you're healthier now that you've stopped harming your body.
    Another downside is that coincidentally my little one has gotten constipated as soon as I quit, not saying it's because of that, but still a hard time nevertheless. Been looking on the web on sites like http://www.toddlerconstipation.net but nothing to be found. Oh well, guess I'll need to call up the doc :)

  • brad kington

    (01/30/13 - 3:46 pm)

    This article is all not true at all! I quit smoking a year ago and have great healthy and normal, I started smoking an E go for 1 month, I just gave it up yesterday after suffering multple symptoms of breathing problems, headache,nausea, numbness in my arms(circulation). I truly am hoping I didnt do some perminent damage! I feel miserable and its directly from vaping! Dont do it!

  • smoker of regular cigarettes 38 years used electronic cigarette with ejuice for one month felt great then started waking up in the morning coughing up brite red fresh blood spots did this 4 days returned to regular gigarettes it stoped went back to vaping it started again maybe this vaping has its down falls as well as regular cigarettes do and should be more testing done to see how safe they really are !!


  • The blood is probably a result of the damage you did to your lungs over 38 years. To blame it on vaping is assenine. If it is caused by vaping it’s probably cause your using it too much or too strong of a solution for your personal case. All these symptoms are that of quitting smoking. If you don’t believe me try going without an e cig and cigarettes. Bet you still have the same issues!

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