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SmokTech Mini eGo Review, 350mAh of Cute

For fans of the venerable midrange electronic cigarette, there’s a new mini eGo option available. I admit it, I have a special place in my heart for small e-cigarettes. Not the cigarette shaped ones as much (though they have their place too), but more advanced devices that happen to be very easy to carry around (and sometimes, hide). These mini devices are available at MadVapes.

mini eGo e-cigarette title image


Primarily, I like to have small devices around for when I’m out and about and a large advanced personal vaporizer is maybe a little too… attention drawing.  I actually wrote a piece a while back highlighting several compact options for the vaper on the go.

650 mAh and mini eGoThis tiny eGo device certainly fits the bill for small and unobtrusive. I’m actually struggling a way to describe this thing other than tiny and adorable.

The little eGo is the same thickness as a garden-variety version.  It also features the same top with the classic double threading (a 510 connector and an outer “cone” thread).  Likewise, it features the same clear plastic button that illuminates white, which does lose the device a couple stealth points.

Like the newer eGo style variants, clicking the button 5 times in a row will toggle it on or off.  A definite plus for something that’s likely to be spending time in a pocket.

No, what makes this device so special, and so diminutive is the tiny battery that sits between the bottom end cap and the button assembly.  It is short, the battery section is about as long as a typical XL cartomizer.  The battery is also adorned with a small “Smok” logo on the bottom which may or may not be a distraction.

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In fact, when paired with one of the larger eGo cartomizers like the Bauway Ce4 it looks a bit lopsided because the battery is shorter than the cartomizer.  Still, those types of cartomizers make a really nice compact setup.  If you want to shrink things as much as possible, you could even opt for one of the new super-short Smoktech cartomizers.



Putting a performance section in this tiny eGo review seems somewhat unnecessary.  The whole point of this thing is its petite size.  Obviously, battery life isn’t going to be fantastic.  At 350mAh you may clock in from less than two hours to six or more depending on how heavy you use the device.

mini eGo threading imageBut, actually, the performance of this device is noteworthy.  Most eGo devices regulate their voltage output fairly low.  Generally the e-cigarettes output somewhere between a consistant 3.2-3.5 volts depending on the model.

This tiny eGo dynamo however doesn’t have that regulation.  It will crank out whatever voltage the battery is capable of producing.  That means freshly charged you’ll get over 4v of power, much like the way replaceable battery devices work.

The downside is that the output isn’t quite as consistant.  As the battery depletes, the voltage will drop until the compact eGo shuts off at the end of the battery charge.

What all that translates into is pretty simple.  This itty bitty eGo will crank out more vapor than many of its larger brethren.

I’ve always felt eGos were a little anemic in the performance department because of the heavily throttled battery.  I was pleasantly surprised by big clouds of warm vapor when I started trying out this device.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

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The new super compact eGo from SmokTech is a great device when you’re on the go and don’t want to carry around a full-scale ecig. Match it up with a stardust style cartomizer for a pretty elegant mobile package.  As an added bonus, the device outputs 4.2v fresh off the charger making this little guy a fantastic performer. The small size does mean this thing won’t take you through an all day journey of heavy vaping, but you could always toss a couple in your pocket for a long day’s outing.  You can pick these up at MadVapes.


  • Incredibly compact
  • on/off feature for pocketability
  • Stellar performance
  • eGo threading


  • Short battery life due to size
  • Lighted button may not be conducive to stealth
  • No pass-through charging (it would add length to the device)
  • Voltage tapers as battery drains


Product: Smoktech 350mAh eGo Battery
Available from: MadVapes
Price: 11.99
Threading: eGo
mAh: 350

Disclosure: I feature affiliate links for MadVapes

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  • BernieTheMac V.Cat

    (08/22/12 - 10:55 am)

    I love mine.And with a mini cart and no drip tip i forget its in my pocket. It is my just in case back up but, will last 3-6 hours no problem, and works just as well as the 650 thru 1100 mah brothers. A must have for any Vaper.

  • Do you only sell this battery online or stores too?

    And how much do they go for ?

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