SmokTech XL 1.7 ohm "Resurrector" Cartomizer: Impressions

Dual coil cartomizers have become increasingly popular since they hit the market not long ago.  One of the limitations of the dual coil models is that they work best at higher voltages.  The 1.7 ohm XL cartomizer is a single coil solution from the same manufacturer that aims to level the playing field for users without a high voltage electronic cigarette option.

In fact, the examples I am reviewing have been dubbed “the 3.7 resurrector” by the vendor from where these were purchased, Crystal Clear Vaping.  The reason behind the claim is that the seller believes that these cartos will resurrect the performance of 3.7 volt e-cigarette rigs. The Resurrector does a good job of bringing something close to the performance of a dual coil cartomizer running at 5 volts to a standard 3.x volt electronic cigarette.


No mistaking which model this is

The resurrector is a pretty unassuming cartomizer.  It is an XL model so it caries about 1.5 ml of eliquid.  This model is available in black (which means a black sticker over a stainless steel casing).  Crystal Clear Vaping also has the resistance of the cartomizer printed on the label so you will know what exactly you have.

The construction is solid as the casing is made of steel.  Unlike my dual coil I wasn’t able to pull this one apart. Like the dual coil models, this design features a vertical heating coil surrounded by heat proof batting which holds the juice and delivers it to the coil.  A tube runs down the center to the coil to deliver vapor to the user.  Filling is pretty much the same as any other fillered cartomizer, these can be filled by the “condom method” dripping and a lot of patience, or syringe filling.  I generally go with the syringe.

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I think it might be a little bit of a stretch to say this offers the same level of performance as a dual coil model running at high voltage.  However, the performance bests that of a dual coil running on a standard voltage electronic cigarette.  This thing produces a ton of vapor and a very respectable throat hit out of devices like the eGo and Lea.  Flavor production is no slouch either.

The vapor heat may be the biggest difference between the dual coil and the 1.7 models.  While the vapor is warm, it is much less warm than the output of the dual coils, especially at higher voltages.  This is likely because the design is somewhat more efficient than dual coils so less energy is converted to heat in the process.

Standard filler design

The performance results were pretty similar with various 3.x volt devices.  I used the Resurrectors several different devices ranging from 3.2 to 3.7 volts in output.  The 1.7 ohm cartomizers have been spending a lot of time on the Boge Revolution V.2 as I put that devices through its paces and beyond.

Despite this carto being neither clear nor overly huge, I can’t seem to put it down. Of course with this device being such a low resistance model, my experience was that time between charges on my batteries dropped to about half of what they are with standard resistance models.

Too Long; Didn’t Read
The SmokTech 1.7 ohm XL “Resurrector” cartomizers are designed to deliver good performance at lower voltages.  The experience may be a little bit shy of what you would get with a dual coil at higher voltages, but it’s easily at least as good if not better than dual coils on 3.2 – 3.7 volt devices.  These will drain your battery at a fairly rapid clip, but not your bank account as they are generally less expensive than their bigger dual coiled siblings.

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  • Vapor Production: Excellent
  • Throat Hit: very good
  • Flavor: good
  • Draw: medium to slightly heavy
  • Vapor Temperature: slightly warm
  • Excellent performance
  • Solid construction
  • Inexpensive
  • Designed for low-voltage electronic cigarettes
  • Currently not available in clear
  • Difficult to disassemble for cleaning
  • Battery hog
Product: C.C.V. Mega L.R. 1.7 (The Resurrector)
Manufacturer: SomkTech
Resistance: 1.7 ohm
Threading: 510
Style: Vertical single coil, fillered
Body: Steel (with black sticker)

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