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SoundVape is a new entry into the e-cigarette market, launching their website only recently. The company specializes in traditional-style e-cigarettes (with a more advanced model coming soon). I’ve got my hands on the company’s current lineup of e-cigarettes, so now seems like to do a quick review of SoundVape’s ecig offerings.

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SoundVape ecig review card image Product name  SoundVape eCigarettes
Available from  SoundVape
Price  $7.64-$40.79
Competing products V2 Cigs, Smokeless Image
Who’s it for?  Beginners

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SoundVape sports but 3 different e-cigarette offerings: The Mini Beat disposable e-cigarette, the Beat Xpress mini e-cigarette kit with carrying case, and the full kit which they’ve dubbed the Remix.  The Remix is available in silver or “blackout.”

SoundVape ecigarette review xpress kitAlong with the different kit options, SoundVape also sports a few different flavors in their refill cartomizers. Even better, they actually offer some of their refill flavors in e-liquid form. That’s somewhat rare for traditional e-cigarette vendors, particularly smaller operations. The company even gives a nod to old-school vaping with their own take on the much beloved RY4 caramel tobacco flavor.

Even better, the cartomizers that come with the kits (save for the disposable) actually have soft silicone caps for easy access to refill. The caps are easy to remove, perhaps a little too easy — I kept pushing the cap into the cartomizer and had to fish it out with a paper clip a couple of times.

The cartomizers are standard size, meaning they house probably a touch under 1ml of e-liquid each. Threading is of the KR-808 family, a common choice for traditional kits.

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Both the Remix and the Xpress kits have the same cartomizers, the batteries are also the same, except the Remix offers either black or steel batteries, while the Xpress sports plain white batteries.

Remix kits also sport 6 cartomizers, as opposed to 2 in the Xpress.  One interesting thing about the cartomizers is that they don’t fill them until you order them which is nice, but there is an upcharge for the filling service. The bigger kits also throw in a nice AC adapter which is a small, square adapter with the USB port on the side instead of front of the charger.

I’m not sure why I think that’s cool, but I do. It keeps the single piece mini charger and e-cigarette from sticking far out from the wall when charging.

soundvape ecig review charger image

I have the Blackout version of the Remix e-cigarette kit. At first, based on the name, I was excited that this would be a stealth model either without an LED or one that can be turned off.  Sadly, this, like the other models features a red LED. Blackout merely refers to the battery and cartomizer colors.

soundvape remix blackout ecigUsing the SoundVape gear is not unpleasant. These kits are strictly auto batteries. I found the draw somewhat stiff, but the automatic switch was responsive, lighting up the red LED each time I took a puff without missing a… beat.  Sorry, sometimes I just can’t resist the easy pun.

I confess to not trying all the flavors. I tend to shy away from tobacco and dislike menthol.  However, I just have to say I really like their Elixir flavor. It’s a sort of fruity flavor that’s only mildly sweet and has a fair amount of complexity behind it.

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Vapor production was about what I’d expect from a traditional e-cigarette. The battery and cartomizer setup did a good job at producing a vapor with the perfect amount of warmth once everything was primed.

While there’s nothing that jumps out as me as particularly remarkable about the SoundVapes equipment, I think the little touches the company puts into things like the freshly filled cartomizers, and offering an RY4 flavor show a great deal of potential.

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SoundVape tldr

SoundVape is a new company that has rolled out a line of traditional e-cigarette kits. While they are pretty much what you’d expect from this style of ecig, the company puts in some extra effort like filling cartos when you order them. If that sounds like a good idea to you, check these guys out at SoundVape. Maybe it’ll be music to your ears.  Ok I’ll stop with the puns now.


  • Cartos filled on demand
  • Some nice flavors
  • Refillable cartomizers
  • Nice USB AC adapter (hey, I really like it, ok?)


  • Somewhat average products
  • Upcharge for prefilling cartos
  • Red LED tips

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