Squonk the Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 [Review]

Squonkers are vaping devices with an on-board e-liquid bottle you squeeze to wet the attached atomizer.  These devices were popular back in the day, and are now making a resurgence thanks to high-quality RBAs.  Eleaf’s Pico Squeeze 2 is the latest example and I’ll review it in this article to see if the good ol’ days are back.

Disclosure:  I received this device for review from Vape Sourcing for review purposes.  This review contains affiliate links.

Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 Features and Specs

Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2

  • 100W max output
  • 8ml soft silicone Squonker bottle
  • Special bottle lighting
  • Uses 21700 battery
  • Includes adapter to use 18650 battery
  • Wattage and temperature control modes
  • Fast power deliver from the Avatar controller chip
  • Available with Eleaf Coral RBA

Eleaf Coral RBA

  • Single coil build deck
  • Custom directional airflow
  • Includes 2 prebuilt Clapton coils
  • Hollow center pin for squonkers
  • Solid center pin for traditional RDA use
  • Adjustable mid-body airflow

The Review

The review sample I received included both the Pico Squeeze 2 and the Coral RDA. The vaporizer is also available without the atomizer.

Vape Sourcing offers the Squeeze in several colors.  I received the black and silver model, which I have to say is a darn good looking device.  My one complaint about the finish is that it attracts fingerprints.  The FBI can probably track me now because of the fingerprints in the photos of this review.

The setup of the Squeeze is fairly simple and straight forward.  There’s a screw-cap for the battery compartment to keep the size of the device down.  A small oval shaped display adorns the front of the device along with a rocker button that’s used to adjust the wattage as well as step through the configuration menu.

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From a fit and finish standpoint, the Pico is impressive.  This device fits together very well and feels very solid.  The access door for the on-board juice bottle is attached via very strong magnets and doesn’t feel like it would come off at any point.

Ergonomically, I do have a small complaint.  The device’s fire button is centered at the top of the back of the device, opposite the LED readout and adjustment buttons.  I find that location a bit less than natural when I am vaping.

In contrast, the position and design of the squonker section is very nice.  There’s a curved steel door with a curved cutout which exposes the bottle.  This is directly located at the bottom of the device below the atomizer.  It’s very easy to reach a finger around and give the bottle a squeeze.

I imagine the addition of the on-board liquid bottle is responsible for both the button issue and the size of the device.  Despite being called Pico, the Eleaf vaporizer is roughly the size of a dual battery 18650 mod, despite being a single-battery device.   And some creativity had to go into holding both a large juice container and all the electronics that go into a modern vaporizer.

Even though I know it would mean a device that’s much bigger, I kind of wish this were a dual battery device.  Eleaf tried to compensate a bit by using larger 21700 batteries.  If it works for Tesla, I guess it works for vaping.

The problem is that 21700 batteries aren’t that common, and they are a bit expensive compared to the smaller batteries.  I also found that the battery life wasn’t much better.  A single battery also severely limits the wattage output of the device because of the limitations of how many amps a single battery can crank out. 

Part of the solution to the issue of power consumption is the Eleaf Coral RBA.  Its single coil design works very well at lower wattage settings (around 50-60) which the Squeeze can easily handle. 

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Since the Coral is essentially designed as a companion for the Squeeze, it works very well with the squonker.  The connection is solid enough that combined with the small collar that fits the bottom of the squeeze, it helps prevent over saturating the wick.  Once you squeeze the bottle and let it go the excess liquid is sucked back into the container.

That’s not to say the Pico will work only with the Coral atomizer.  I was able to plugin the Augvape Templar in place of the included atomizer and everything fit like a glove.

The Templar is a much more power hungry atomizer.  The Eleaf Squeeze, or more accurately, the battery I was using struggled to output enough power in the higher wattage settings.  It didn’t take much use before the weak battery warning was triggered on the Pico.

I imagine if I had a less aggressive build on the Templar, things would go smoothly.  The Squeeze had no problems feeding that atomizer with juice without leaking, but your mileage may vary with different RDAs.

Despite the shortcomings of the single battery setup, Eleaf has created a very nice squonker in the Pico Squeeze 2.  The build quality is top-notch and it’s simply a beautiful device.  When paired with the Coral atomizer, it makes a very nice rebuildable vaping experience that has the convenience of an on-board juice bottle.

Squonkers are back, baby!

Steve K

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