stainless steel lavatube with tank

Stainless Steel Lavatube Coming Soon!

Ever wish there were a stainless steel Lavatube? Apollo Electronic Cigarettes will soon be launching now has a very interesting electronic cigarette product. The company has announced a fully stainless steel version of the hugely popular Lavatube.  The V-Tube as Apollo refers to their version of the popular e-cigarette mod will be an updated version that will feature a steel body and endcaps.

stainless steel lavatube with tank

Update: The wait is over! Apollo has finally started shipping the all stainless steal lavatube (or as they call it the V-tube).  The first wave have already gone out the door and the rest of the limited run probably won’t last too long if I had to guess.  You can find out more at Apollo’s site.  

I haven’t gotten mine in yet, but once I do and spend some time with it, watch this space for a proper review Steve K style.  And now I return you to your regularly scheduled article.

Apollo is, at least initially doing a small run of only 1000 units, so I imagine they might sell out quickly.  It looks like you can pre-order buy one now.  The stainless steel version of the V-Tube carries a $15 premium over the standard version, but even with that, you can come away with a full kit for under $80.

These improvements should make the Lavatube a much more solid device.  The plastic end caps and light-weight feel of the aluminum tube were common points of dissatisfaction among some users.

Personally, I don’t think the weight of the original Lavatube is necessarily a bad thing, but I have to admit I like the solid feel of the ProVari.  I’m looking forward to getting the same authoritative feel from a Lavatube.

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It also appears that the kind of ham-fisted knurling detail of the original end caps has been ditched in favor of a smooth appearance.  The battery connector is also recessed to give the new model a more upmarket look.

Another noteworthy feature is that the V-Tube will feature a native eGo connection.  Fear not, it’s still 510 compatible. Fans of eGo specific cartomizers like the Stardust will likely see this as a good thing.

The updated connector feature is particularly interesting because the eGo connector was one of the features of the rumored improved Lavatube which also is also said to include a 3.5a circuit like the ProVari V2.  I couldn’t find out more about the electronics to confirm this, but I do plan on getting my hands on one as soon as possible to test out.

stainless lavatube recessed eGo end capIf this version does indeed have beefed up internals, that will make for one seriously compelling device. Edit: It seems that this version also has a 2.5 amp circuit.  I’ll have to wait until I get one to figure out if there were any changes under the hood.

For those of you put off by the original Lavatube’s size, it’s worth noting that the Apollo version will be available in both the regular and mini sizes.

The regular size uses an IMR 18650, while the mini uses the 18350 sized batteries.

According to the site, it looks like the company is expecting their shipment of the stainless steel variety somewhere around the middle of April.  It also looks like they will have a chrome version (which will be chrome plated copper) and a copper version, but it didn’t indicate when those will be available, or if they  also the eGo connector.

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It should be interesting to see what this device holds. Once I can get a hold of one, I’ll be sure to give it the full review treatment.

For now, you can check out Apollo’s site for the details they have on the device.  You can also pre-order buy one ($79.95 with free shipping).

Disclosure: I feature affiliate links for Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

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  • The internals are not upgraded and have the 2.5amp limit. Still very solid for regular resistance!!

    • That didn't take very long :) A guy could hope I suppose. It still looks like a very nice upgrade, so I see one in my future :)

  • You reviewed without actually having one? Damn, you're good! :p

    • you made a comment b-4 reading review ? LOL …….your funny !
      sorry couldn't HELP myself !!

  • I've got one "pre-ordered", hopefully this estimated date is correct. Really looking forward to actually vaping with it.

    • You'll have to come back and let us know what you think when you get it. Here's hoping the date won't slip again. I'll of course update the post if there's any changes to the shipping timeline.

      • Hey Steve, Rob at Apollo has reported the first 200 have left China and are expected to arrive soon, anyone who ordered before 4/1 has a good shot at getting theirs by 4/30. I ordered 3/28 so I'm keeping fingers crossed, will update.

        • Excellent! I'll keep looking at the mailbox :)

          • Steve, the first batch has been sent out to customers and should start arriving today, sadly mine will be in the next shipment, hopefully next week.

            • Hopefully it won't be long now :) I talked to someone over there yesterday and they're sending them in the order that people bought them. Apparently some incredibly patient folks have been waiting months for theirs.

            • Well Steve, it is finally here. I received it yesterday. Other than a slight rattle to the button fit and finish is superb, the unit looks awesome, the Apollo branding is laser etched and very tasteful. I have been using my preferred carto, 1.7 Smoktech at 3.9v and it is awesome. Above 4v it tastes a little burnt. This is my first VV device and I couldn't be happier. I have got some 2 and 3 ohm Boge XL cartos on their way so I can really put it through its paces. Over all its a great device, well worth the wait.

            • I just got mine a couple hours ago :) I played with it a little, but I'm putting another device through its paces for a review on Monday. So far the V-Tube is very solid (and very heavy).

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