Steal: Apollo Offering 1 Cent eGo Kit (updated: now free e-liquid)

Update: for some reason free eGo kits was a little too popular.  That deal may return some day, but for now the deal has been changed to a couple 10ml bottles of e-liquid.  Still not a bad deal.

What Happened to the Free Oracle-X Kit?
We had an overwhelming response to that giveaway and are working hard to fulfill all the orders! Stay tuned for future giveaways! If you are looking to get a starter kit right away, we have a great deal running on our Superior eGo Kit!

Apollo e-cigarettes is doing another giveaway like they did back in the day with disposables.  This time around, you get an eGo starter kit with e-liquid for one red cent.  Essentially, the charge is for age verification.  There are no recurring charges or anything crazy like that.

The kit even includes a bottle of e-liquid.  I’m sure they’d be pleased if you bought more, which is probably the point of the deal in the first place.

Check out the particulars here.

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