1 year of ecig reviews!

Steve K’s Vaping World Turns 1 Thanks to YOU!

1 year of ecig reviews!Today is the day.  On June 1st, 2011 Steve K’s Vaping World launched with all of two articles (one of which eventually became the about page).  The original site was on Blogspot and didn’t even have its own domain name.

To be quite honest, I had no idea what would happen.  I was early on in my love affair for e-cigarettes and I wanted to exercise a little creativity.  I decided to see if I could take the limited amount of gear, plus other things I saw on the net about e-cigarettes and write something coherent about it.

Remembering back to when I started vaping, and the trouble I had finding good resources when Googling for e-cigarettes.  I wanted to offer something different from the sites I found (sadly, 1 year later, Google still is not as cooperative as I’d like).

I settled on a pretty aggressive schedule of trying to knock out one post per day, no matter how small and see what happened.  I had no idea if anyone would visit the site or if I could keep up the pace.

1 year of e-cigarette reviews stock photoI read up on how to build a blog and every piece of advice obsessively. Basically, I just wrote the blog and learned how to do it on the way.

One year later, I’m quite pleased at where things wound up.  This site has come a long way since the early days where I’d be excited when I broke the 10 users per day mark, then 25, 50, 100 etc.

I’ve had a chance to interact with a lot of people along the way.  Vendors, other bloggers, and most importantly, readers like you.  It’s been a lot of hard work, but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it!

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And for that, I want to thank you for reading.  I wish I could do something more personal but, alas, this is sort of a broadcast type medium.  So please accept this humble post as my heartfelt thanks for your continued support and readership.

Now, before I go, I thought it might be fun to share the first 5 posts I published after the welcome post just to see how far things have come.

June 1, 2011: Impressions of the CE2 Giantomizer (aka Maximizer v2)

June 5, 2011: Diablo Loco from Totally Wicked – bottle o’ pain

June 6, 2011: Impressions: G4 Cartomizer

June 8, 2011: e-Cigarette Resources for New Vapers

June 13, 2011: A Tribute to my eGo

Steve K

Hello and welcome to Steve K


  • Coffeeroasters

    (06/01/12 - 1:51 pm)

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  • Ya buddy!! Happy 1st!! U are very informative and were very helpful in me making a decision last night!! So thank u again!! Love ur daily articles… read them all.. :)

  • Steve, congratulations on a huge milestone! The new look of the site is great and I look forward to seeing how it continues to grow.

  • Yes. I snagged a chrome one. :-) shipped today already!

  • Dear Steve:

    This is a real mile stone. We have found your site to be one of the most informative and well written sites for information any were. It is small enough that it keeps each member feeling like they are a person and not a number, yet big enough to grow and keep the quality that makes this sit e a valuable tool in the industry. We aspire to this. Thanks again. We are having a ref contest at our site it is a great one. Your family at http://www.papa-ricks.com

  • your blog is my go-to for a lot of different topics. your reviews are really comprehensive and have helped me to acquaint myself with the products available and to make informed decisions as to what i would like.
    thanks for the time you put into this blog. :)
    happy blog birthday.

  • Thanks Steve

  • "This site has come a long way since the early days where I’d be excited when I broke the 10 users per day mark, then 25, 50, 100 etc."

    Congrats Steve, hope the next year puts you into the 1000s.

    Not sure where I would fit into that early number count but I'm guessing I'm on the low side. Been here daily for a long time.


  • Congrats on your first year!

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