Straight from Asia oddity – eCig with On-board Memory Storage

I get a lot of e-mail directly from Chinese manufacturers mistaking me for a retailer or wholesaler.  From bottles to clones and everything in between I get sales pitches to buy stuff in bulk.  Generally I delete the messages.  This one, however caught my eye for being so strange. I figured I should share it with you.


A company called Katady is hawking a box-style e-cigarette with variable voltage and an OLED display.  Not weird so far, until they get to the marquee feature: 4gb of built-in flash storage.

Yes, the Kataday Epower-3 rocks a small amount of built-in memory because…

Why?  Who thought it was a good idea.  What would you even do with that?  Vape your USB key I guess.

In all fairness it seems to rock some other useful features including a huge 3000+ mAh battery and 6v output.  But still, it’s just too weird for me.

Anyway, some retailer somewhere might carry it someday so keep your eye out for it.

Steve K

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