Study: Daily Vapers More Likely to Quit Smoking. Vapers: Duh!

Now, one of the most comprehensive studies yet provides solid support for daily vaping. It found that adult cigarette smokers who also used e-cigarettes every day were 77% more likely than non-users to have quit and stayed off cigarettes after two years.

Major Study Says E-Cigarettes Can Help Smokers Quit | Time

I love a snarky headline, so I can’t resist. But, this is an important study that affirms what regular vapers have known for quite a long time.

Vaping is a gateway… A gateway away from cigarettes. The study followed smokers over two years and examined various lifestyle and health habits of the smokers.

It identified groups of smokers who occasionally vaped as well as daily vapers.

While the dabblers weren’t that much more likely to quick traditional cigarettes, an overwhelming majority of the regular vapers were able to kick the smoking habit.

Now, let’s all talk amongst ourselves while we wait for the news stories that claim this study is some sort of Big Tobacco conspiracy.

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