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Study Finds No Harm in Second-Hand eCig Vapor

Utah Vapers posted an exciting article on their blog recently.  The advocacy group has been working with Italian flavoring company Flavor Art to commission a study to determine what, if any, harmful substances can be found in the vapor exhaled by e-cigarette users.  One finding that surprised even me is that there is no nicotine present in exhaled vapor.

Utah Vapers BannerAs the study has been completed and a professional doctoral review completed, I’m proud to announce that the results are better than we could have anticipated. In short, there is NO harm found in exhaled vapor from electronic cigarettes. The most exciting results I found is that there is NO nicotine in the exhaled vapor. Now, you may ask why I find this exciting. Well, my excitement is on two levels. 1) This means that the human lung absorbs the nicotine which has long been questioned within the global electronic cigarette community; and 2) This also means that ‘second-hand vapor’ contains NO nicotine resulting in no chance of absorption from those sharing common air space. All other substances measured for electronic cigarettes were FAR below allowable levels for human inhalation according to the FDA.

The study is pending submission for peer review, official release is expected at the end of July.  The paper will also be presented at a major cardiologist conference in Munich.

Steve K

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  • Coffeeroasters

    (06/25/12 - 10:29 am)

    Great article with an even better video!
    It surprised me also on the amount of nicotine in the air from the e-cig.

  • I think a small clarification is in order. Unless I'm missing something the study shows that exhaled vapor contains no nicotine meaning that 100% of the nicotine that made it passed the atomizer has been absorbed. What it doesn't tell us is WHERE it gets absorbed. Claiming its lung absorbtion would seem to be a leap of faith given other research points more heavily to upper pharynx absorbtion.

    Just sayin' ;)

    • A fair point, some may also be absorbed by the mouth as well. I still find it interesting that nothing seems to make it back out.

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