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Subtank Plus [Review]

Kanger tanks seem to come in 3 sizes: small, medium and OH MY GOD!  The Subtank Plus would be the latter.  Weighing in at 7ml of capacity, the plus is one of the bigger sub ohm tanks on the market.  Read the review to find out if bigger really is better.

Disclosure: This product was provided by Rolling Papers Express for review purposes.

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kangertech subtank plus review tank imageI know I’ve kind of groaned at the insanity of the sub-ohm tank market.  But, Kanger kind of started the whole war with their original Subtank.  In the following time Kangertech has rolled out improvements and variations on their original subohmer.

The Plus is pretty much a continuation of the progression Kanger has made.  I feel like I could just end this review by saying the Plus is much bigger than the original and then just link to my original Subtank review.

But, I won’t do that :)  For one, Rolling Papers Express (RPE) also sent me a couple bottles of Space Jam e-liquid to try out with the new tank.  I don’t do e-liquid reviews, so let me just say it’s some damn tasty stuff.  Here’s a link to go buy some.

kanger subtank plus review space jam

Ok, so what can I say about the Subtank Plus then?  Obviously it’s big, though it’s not as big as you’d think.  It has about the same height profile of many of my 4-5ml tanks, it’s just a little fatter.  As a result, I prefer to rock it on a bigger APV like the Smok M80.

The Plus tank is also loaded with stainless steel.  Not only does it give the device an attractive look, but it adds some serious weight to the device.  Unlike most other stainless tanks, the Subtank line has what I consider an internal cage kind of setup.

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Most other tanks consist of a top and bottom section held together by the head assembly and airway.  The Kanger gear has a full-metal internal sleeve with several large cutouts along the side giving it a cage-like appearance.

That structure also adds some rigidity to the tank, in theory at least, it should be a little harder to break the glass tank.

kangertech subtank plus review headsDon’t go throwing your tank against the wall to disprove my theory though. But, if you do, Kanger was thoughtful enough to toss in an extra glass tank.

In addition to the extra tank, you also get an extra sub ohm head featuring cotton wick.  That means it’s important you don’t forget to pre-wet the head before use.

Of course you also get Kanger’s nifty RBA head as well.  This is a nice little accessory that lets you build your own coils so the subtank is a little more like… well an RBA.  They even tossed in a couple pre-built coils, though if you’re going to use the RBA feature, you probably like to build your own coils anyway.

Besides the heads and glass, they also threw in a few other random parts like some gaskets and some Japanese cotton.  There’s also the obligatory tiny, blue screwdriver.  Am I the only one that has like 10 of these things in his desk drawer for no good reason?

kangertech subtank plus review smoke m80The performance profile and flavor reproduction is similar to the original Subtank.  Yes, I’m trying my damnedest to make you go read the other review for some reason.

One important difference from the old version is the big daddy tank is not nearly as susceptible to burning the wick.  I can generally take this tank up well past 30 watts without having to replace the head.  That certainly is a welcome improvement over past versions.

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I have to say if you like to cart around a bigger tank so you’re not refilling every half hour, the Subtank Plus is not a bad way to go.

Perhaps the Kanger square heads is old-school as far as sub-ohm technology goes, they must be doing something right for a product line that’s positively ancient in sub-ohm vaping years.

You can grab one of these bad boys, along with a bunch of other Kanger goodies and some of that e-liquid I liked over at RPE’s website.

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  • Rolling with the new subtank-mini, and although I prefer the RBA vape, the heads supplied really work very well. 1.5ohm AND the .5 ohm both do an excellent job. I think the flavor is better with the rba, but the vapor production is pretty much identical. Good stuff.

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