Sunfire E mod II – The Pyrex Tank Review

Not too long ago, MJTech released the Sunfire E Mod, a variable voltage PV and tank combo.  Just a few weeks later, they came out with the E mod II, a standalone tank.  So, is this tank so good it can stand on its own without a smallish PV?  Read the rest of the review and find out.

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Disclosure: this product was provided by MJTech for review purposes.

 Sunfire E Mod II Review

mjtech e mod ii review tank imageIn general terms, MJTech’s new tank isn’t breaking any new ground.  The tank features a pyrex tank section, replaceable heads (two extras come in the package) and an adjustable airflow.

The airflow setup has changed from the original tank included with the E Mod kit and as a result is much easier to use.  At the base of the tank is a slot that tapers from narrow to wide.  A band covering that portion of the tank has a single hole.  Turning the base moves the hole further along the slot increasing or decreasing airflow based on how much of the opening is exposed.

That is a far more simple solution than the previous version, and is also a little more straightforward than the adjustable airflow of the Nautilus tank.

What the E Mod does seem to have in common with the Nautilus tank is a proprietary head.  While you can plug a coil unit from a Protank in the base of the tank, it sadly doesn’t work. The MJTech heads are a somewhat interesting animal.

mjtech emod ii review head imageThe bottom is, as I mentioned, built like a Protank head, but it has a small barrel section with two holes on either side, like other tanks that use a coil wrapped in wick.  The only difference here is that it’s a standard coil with wicks running through them.  After some use the wicks begin to stick out of the holes in the side.

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There is a stem at the top of the barrel section that comes off with a whole lot of force.  But, the coil remains stubbornly in the barrel section below which doesn’t budge at all.  In theory, you could pull the coil out the bottom of the head to rebuild it, but it seems like a lot of work.

The good news is that the heads work pretty well.  Well, after a break in period.  I haven’t run into this in a while, but it takes a little bit of use before a new head operates at its best.

Once the head is ready to go, I have no complaints about the performance.  Vapor production is very good and flavor reproduction is quite excellent.

mjtech sunfire e mod ii review mt baker vapor

While the design of the tank won’t turn many heads (it’s a very generic sort of straight sided shape) it’s well built, and not a bad tank at all.  I’m particularly happy about the Pyrex. As you all know I’m fond of some serious tank cracking e-liquid from Mt. Baker Vapor, so I kind of depend on Pyrex tanks to keep me in my favorite juices.

Sadly, I’ve yet to find a retailer who carries MJTech stuff (I’m not sure what they’re all waiting for), but I’ve heard a rumor that if you contact the company they may be willing to sell you some retail.  Unfortunately, I don’t have retail pricing info, but you can get more info at MJTech’s website.

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