Switching from One E-Liquid to Another, Made Easy!

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People have been smoking the harmful cigarette for too long! Now, it is time to throw them away and lead a healthier life. We know the trials and tribulations, you would have to face, when deciding on giving up cigarette smoking. So, why not look at healthier alternatives?


E-cigarettes are an amazing option! It can help you give up smoking permanently. The best part of smoking an e-cigarette exceeds the health benefits! Sounds unbelievable, right?! But, the fact is there are many more benefits of smoking an e-cigarette, one of those is the numerous flavours, from apple to chocolate and everything in between. Top-notch e-liquids like Hangsen e liquid, is worth all your resources!

How to Eliminate the Carry over Taste from Previous E-liquid?

Bored with the present flavour? Time to move on to the next one! But, what about the bad taste left behind by traces of the old e-liquid in the tank? You cannot invest in a new one, each time you try a new flavour! The professionals come to your rescue. Here is a step by step process of cleaning up the vaporizer tanks:

1. Cleaning the Tanks: If, any trace of the old e-liquid is left behind, then you need to clean the tank (not throw it out). To start the clean-up process you need to unscrew the tank, from the atomizer and battery case. Once unscrewed, pour out any residue liquid, left behind. Next, use a soft cloth to clean out the residues that are stuck to the sides of the tank. After the dry clean-up, pour some warm water in the tank and rinse it out. If, the tank can endure soap water, then it is a good idea to rinse with some soap water and then clean water. Finally, let it dry out completely!

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2. Coils and Wicks: After the tank is cleansed, you need to think about the coils and wicks. You can do so in two ways,

Use a non-flavoured e-liquid or pure propylene glycol to saturate the coil and wicks. It is an efficient way of eliminating traces of the old flavoured e-liquid.

Warm water is another great way of cleaning the coil and wicks. Keep rinsing a few times, to ensure that nothing is left in the coils and wicks.

Once the coil and wicks have been dried out completely, you can start assembling the vaping device.


Is there a Shortcut to Cleaning the Vaping Device?

If, you are a vaping aficionado, then you must know how it feels to try new flavours, every few days. So, you might feel that the above method is a bit time-consuming! The professionals have a shortcut trick for that as well. Dripping is an easy method, which will help you out! You need to invest in a “rebuildable” dripping atomizer. Now, just remember that these have a well and not the whole tank system. So, the e-liquid will be exhausted at a faster rate. Another disadvantage is the fact that, you could end up with a dry hit! So, if you are a novice, then stick to the two-step cleaning process!

Why is it Crucial to get the E-liquids from Reputed Stores?

The experience of switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes can be overwhelming. Being a novice, you should take some time to find your preferred flavour. If, you want to get a good experience in the switch, then purchase your supplies from a reputed store. They have a large collection of products, so you are bound to find your perfect e-liquid flavour, as well. Even if, you are an aficionado, it is always a good idea to get your supplies from a reputed store or company!

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Author Bio : After observing the harmful effects of smoking traditional cigarettes, Caitlyn Bell is determined to make her readers realise why switching over to vaping can be the best decision of their life.