eGo-V Kit from Rogue Vaping – a Review

Well, you have to give credit to  Buy an eCig credit for being direct. The store name tells you exactly why you’re there. Update: Buy an eCig is now called Rogue Vaping – SK I have here one of their eGo-V kits, or as they like to call it, the Space Needle kit. This kit pairs an eGo-V variable voltage battery with the ever-popular Vivi Nova tank. I’ll review this eGo-V kit and find out how this pairing stacks up.
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Vision Spinner eGo Variable Voltage Review title

Vision Spinner 400 mAh Review

Variable Voltage eGo e-cigarettes seem to be a hot commodity. I remember the days when I wished somebody would make one. Now it seems every time you turn around, there’s another take on the VV eGo concept.  The Vision Spinner is another entry in this category.  The Spinner has been around for a while now, but Vision just added a small 400 mAh variant to its family of variable voltage eGos. This review will cover the new, compact device as well as the Spinner family in general.
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