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Phoenix Bully Rebuildable Atomizer

Rebuildable atomizers are becoming a growing trend in the electronic cigarette industry. It’s also a trend I’ve avoided up until this point, mostly because I’m sort of challenged in the coil building department.  That’s partly why I’ve been sitting on this Phoenix Bully atomizer for ages now without writing a review. However, rebuildables are starting to show up in many shapes at many stores. I simply feel that I can’t avoid the topic. Plus, you can buy pre-built wicks now. Welcome to, what I’m sure will be the first of many rebuildable atomizer reviews.
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Vision Stone II Tank Mod – Impressions

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I’m a huge fan of cartomizer tanks on my e-cigarettes.  When the Vision Stone was announced, I got a little excited.  This CE2 style e-cigarette tank promised to be easy to fill and clean since it unscrewed, had no filler and didn’t require cartomizer mutilation.  That’s the theory anyway.  Read the rest of the Vision Stone CE2 Tank review to find out if this is the next big thing in the carto tank world. Read more about Vision Stone II Tank Mod – Impressions

Impressions: G4 Cartomizer

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The G4 cartomizer is an interesting addition to the “clearomizer” world.  The G4 a clear, fillerless cartomizer that features the heating element located at the bottom part of the tube where the battery connector is.  This configuration makes the G4 much more similar to a traditional atomizer and cartridge or tank setup.  Additionally, the G4 features super simple filling as there is no gasket at the top of the tube requiring a syringe to fill the tube with eliquid.