Joyetech eVic Firmware 2.0 Quick Look

I recently reviewed the Joyetech eVic based on firmware version 1.1. At the same time Joye released eVic 1.1 they also announced firmware 2.0 is on its way along with MVR 2.0 and a 1.0 version of MVR for Mac OS X! I haven’t yet gotten my hands on the MVR stuff, but a little birdie dropped the firmware off the back of a truck, so I thought I’d share what’s new in there.
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eVic by Joyetech – High Tech eCig Review

Up to this point e-cigarettes, even the more advanced models, have been pretty straight forward. They may have variable voltage and wattage, but once you bought it, you pretty much had to buy a new one when improvements, or even fixes, were made. Joyetech’s eVic promises to change all that by rolling out an e-cigarette with updatable firmware. What’s more the eVic itself has some design features that are also new to the market. The question is do these things make for a good vaping experience? Read the rest of the eVic review to find out if this is the next big thing, or unnecessary fluff!
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