Diablo Loco from Totally Wicked – bottle o’ pain

The things I’ll do for a little better throat hit!  My quest begins with a bottle of ejuice I picked up recently, Ruby Relaxer from VaporRenu.  The flavor on this eliquid is fantastic, but it has one major shortcoming: absolutely no throat hit.  VaporRenu actually lets you customize the throat hit on their juices and I selected medium, but there’s nothing there, zero, nada, zip.

Since the flavor is so great I didn’t want to just pitch or give away the juice, so I stashed it away.  While browsing the DIY section on ECF I read a thread about increasing TH in DIY juices.  There are a number of products out there that are supposed to do that, but most don’t really deliver.  One that caught my eye was a product called Diablo Loco from Totally Wicked.

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