SmokTech SiD Review – Simple Variable Wattage

The SmokTech SiD is another entry in the variable wattage category. I remember a time when variable wattage advanced personal vaporizers were kind of exotic.  Now you can get your e-cigarette with variable wattage in almost any form factor and price point imaginable.  SmokTech has a new model out aimed and the budget-minded vaper.  Let us review the SiD and find out if it’s a good solution, or if you should save up for something else.
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iTaste SVD by Innokin

Innokin is perhaps one of the most underrated companies in the e-cigarette industry. While that has begun to change with the popularity of releases like the iTaste MVP, they have been putting out really high quality stuff for quite a while.  Their latest release, the iTaste SVD ups the game and moves Innokin into the high-end advanced personal vaporizer category. Did they bring their A game? Find out in this iTaste SVD Review.
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AGR Tank Review – Tanks Again!

The cartomizer tank. Is there anything so utilitarian in all the e-cigarette world as the trusty cartomizer tank?  Save for something like the Artemas, we’re talking about a tube with a couple of endcaps on it.  The AGR brings a little more to the party to add some much-needed features to the basic function of a carto tank. Check out the rest of the review to find out if it’s better to keep things simple.
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Sigelei Telescoping ZMAX V3 – Expand your Horizon

The Sigelei ZMAX is a versatile and high-performing advanced personal vaporizer. The V2 version of the ZMAX I reviewed before allowed switching between single and dual batteries through the use of a second end cap. The V3 ZMAX not only keeps the single or dual battery mode, but lets you use all manner of batteries through the use of a telescoping tube. No extra end cap required. We’ll take a look at the new feature in this Sigelei Telscoping ZMAX review.
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eVod by Kanger Review

Kanger has been a busy e-cigarette manufacturer as of late. In addition to their popular “T” line of e-cigarettes, they’ve also recently released the Pro Tank, and the subject of today’s Kanger review, the EVOD e-cigarette starter kit. As the name entails, this is an entire ecig instead of only a cartomizer. Let’s check the kit out and see how the EVOD measures up as a midrange electronic cigarette starter kit.
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Splitfire Tank – Vivi Nova Killer?

Vivi Novas. I’m pretty sure at this point you’re kind of tired of hearing me talk about these things. It’s not my fault, the e-cigarette industry seems to be in love with this style of tank. At least the Splitfire Tank does something a little different with the design. Think of the Splitfire like it was in one of those magic acts where they saw someone in half. That’s the general idea of this variation. Read the Splitfire Tank review to see if it’s a good product or all smoke and mirrors.
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MVR 1.2 (Mac & PC) Joyetech eVic Software Review

My Vapor Record, or MVR is the software put out by Joyetech to adjust settings and map progress on the eVic. I know I promised in my review of the eVic to do a separate review for MVR. Mac and PC compatible versions of the latest release, version 1.2 have finally been released. Essentially, both versions are the same, so I’m going to base this mostly on the Mac version.  I’ll note any places where the PC edition differs in this review.
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Joyetech eVic Firmware 2.0 Quick Look

I recently reviewed the Joyetech eVic based on firmware version 1.1. At the same time Joye released eVic 1.1 they also announced firmware 2.0 is on its way along with MVR 2.0 and a 1.0 version of MVR for Mac OS X! I haven’t yet gotten my hands on the MVR stuff, but a little birdie dropped the firmware off the back of a truck, so I thought I’d share what’s new in there.
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