The More Things Change…

I’ve been away from writing here and the vaping community for far too long now.  Don’t worry, I haven’t left you, just had some things to deal with.  Now that I’m ramping up production again, I’m catching up with the news I’ve missed.

You what I noticed?

Nothing. No, I don’t mean nothing’s happened.  A lot has gone on in the past couple months.  But, it’s exactly the same sort of thing that’s been going on over the past couple years.

For example, there’s yet another study out there about the horrors of vaping.  And once competent scientists took a look, it turns out the study is flat-out wrong.

People are still debating on what the appropriate behavior should be for the community.  Should we be concerned with how outsiders view us?  There’s another question that’s been raging for years.  I’m planning on chipping in my own opinion next week, so stay tuned for that.

The FDA is still trying to figure out what to do, and politicians are still building mile-high mounds of bullshit.

Sub ohm vaping is still super-popular, but people are still wondering if it’s right to push everyone that way.  The sub ohm trend is in fact the last piece I wrote before my hiatus.

In other words, the world hasn’t changed while I was ignoring it.  But, I have to say it’s damn good to be back!

Come back soon to read the new articles I’ll be writing about the same ol’ stuff.

Steve K

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