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The Plunger Kit – e-Cigarette Cartomizer Filling in a Snap

e-cigarette cartomizer filling system review title image


If you are a fan of e-cigarette cartomizers, you probably know of a dozen different ways to fill them.  I even wrote an e-Cig 101 cartomizer filling article! Some methods are quicker than others and some messier than others.  My Freedom Smokes has just released a gizmo that promises quick and mess-free e-cigarette carto filling and easy cartomizer cleaning.  Let’s review the Plunger Kit from My Freedom Smokes and see if it really is all that.

What is the Plunger Kit?

At its core, the plunger kit is essentially a plastic adapter called the Carto-Injector that features a 510 cartomizer connector on one end and a luer-lock syringe connector on the other.  The idea is you fill the syringe with the correct amount of e-liquid, pop on the adapter and your cartomizer and press the plunger to fill the device from the bottom up.

The kit comes with everything required to go through the cleaning and filling rituals:

  • 1 carto-injectoradapter
  • 1 3ml syringe
  • 1 10ml syringe (for cleaning)
  • 1 blunt tip needle

Using the Carto-Injector

Using the device is pretty straight-forward despite involving a few steps.  It’s worth noting that the Plunger Kit is only going to work on traditional, fillered cartomizers (CE2s need not apply).

First, place the blunt needle on the 3ml syringe and measure the amount of e-liquid your cartomizer can hold.  This first step might be a little tricky since many cartomizers hold a little less than what their rating.  Fortunately, this process is fairly forgiving, just go slow.

After the liquid is in the syringe, remove the bunt tip needle and attach the Carto-Injector, then bolt your cartomizer to the other end of the adapter.  Slowly and steadily depress the plunger to fill your cartomizer.  This is important, I accidentally pressed a little too hard and sent e-liquid flying halfway across the room.

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Once the e-liquid is completely injected, I let the carto sit for a minute to ensure everything was fully absorbed.  Then I pull the syringe plunger back out to draw any excess liquid out of the cartomizer.  You should now have in your possession a perfectly saturated cartomizer.

The cleaning process works much the same way.  Take the big 10ml syringe and bolt on your dirty cartomizer using the Carto-Injector.  Stick the open cartomizer end under the faucet (the warmer the water, the better).  Draw water in with the syringe and then flush it back out by depressing the plunger.  Repeat these steps until the water comes out clear, maybe a few more times just to be sure.

Protip: if you use punched cartomizers for cartomizer tanks, you can cover the punched hole by cutting a cartomizer condom and sliding it to cover the hole. Or, if you’re like me and keep losing those condoms, just put your finger over the hole.

At this point, the directions say to simply let the cartomizers air dry for a few hours and then put them back to work.  There are ways to speed up the process using heat.  I just stick mine in a little Rubbermaid container full of rice to help speed up the drying process.  Avoid the temptation to eat the rice when you’re done with it.

After using the Plunger Kit I’m fairly impressed with how well the thing works given how simple it is.  Other than the occasional errant juice eruption from my lack of plunger skills, I don’t have any major complaints about the device.  It probably is worth noting the actual Carto-Injector piece is plastic.  As a result, I think the treads will likely eventually wear out.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

The My Freedom Smokes Plunger Kit is a handy little adapter that allows you to fit your e-cigarette cartomizer directly to a syringe for quick filling and easy cleaning.  The device worked as designed.  Despite my reservations that the plastic threads may eventually wear out, this is a worthy addition to my box of random e-cig stuff.  If you use traditional fillered cartomizers, picking up this little kit at MyFreedomSmokes.com may make your life considerably easier.


  • Quickly fills cartomizers with no mess
  • Makes flushing and cleaning cartomizers easier
  • Kit comes with everything required


  • Plastic construction may eventually wear out
  • No option to buy just the Carto-Injector
  • Uneven syringe pressure may cause juice to squirt


Product: Plunger Kit
Available From: My Freedom Smokes
Price: $12.95
Threading: 510

Disclosure: I feature affiliate links for My Freedom Smokes

Steve K

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  • oh deargawds no. lol

    • Oh you laugh, but the thing works amazingly well. Especially for flushing out cartos. I just hope someone makes a metal version at some point.

  • I laugh because I ego-t B LR. heh heh. Soooo much easier. ;-)

  • I've tried using filling syringes in the past, but the amount of air pressure is tight due to the rubber seal inside the plunger, making it difficult to pull fluid up into the syringe itself, as it's a little too air tight, too high a vacuum. The needle top bottle lids have worked better for me, including for cartomizers. For the cartomizers with felt around the exterior, I began taking a plastic stemmed cotton ear swab and cutting off the cotton ends, placing that down into the center hole so that no fluid can get beyond the plastic tube and then using the needle top bottle to saturate the fiber around the edges, letting it stand upright and soaking itself down into the padding. I do look forward to getting a tank cartomizer soon so I can use pure fluid, refill from above and do it quickly without having to worry about filler material getting soaked. So many designs and so many product types, between atomizers, tanks, cartomizers, it's hard to keep up on which is the most convenient and also easiest to refill and maintain to last longest. Nice articles here to find out by review how different product lines work before deciding whether to go the various different routes available these days.

    • I haven't had any real issues pulling liquid into syringes before, unless I used a very narrow-gauge needle like an insulin needle. The hollow tip needles like the one in the kit are plenty big. Silly question, but are you taking the dripper top off the bottle to fill the syringe?

      Anyway, there's now a world of choice. It wasn't that long ago when atomizers were the only option, and they all came in the same resistance!

      Glad you are finding the reviews a useful tool in navigating the wide array of stuff that's out there now. It sure is fun trying all the different tech out, even the ones that work less than great!

  • >"I laugh because I ego-t B LR. heh heh. Soooo much easier"

    I speak from experience. when I say even your "ego-t B LR" atty can benefit from this flush method plus a dry burn. A 510 to 510 extensions will work well with this unit. SmokTek has a flush unit with an attachment for the ego-T atty.


  • >Jacob "I've tried using filling syringes in the past, but the amount of air pressure is tight due to the rubber seal inside the plunger, making it difficult to pull fluid up into the syringe itself, "

    I use straight VG niquid and it's impossible to suck into a syringe so my solution is to pull the plunger out, put an appropriate amount of niquid into the tube then replace the plunder with the needle inserted into the carto. It takes a little pressure to pump the liquid out but it's about the easiest way I've found when filling larger cartos.


    • Yes, I think that's what it is for me too, the VG is very thick and so hard to pull into the syringe. Topping it in from the top is a better idea in that case. Good idea, thanks.

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