MadVapes ZMAX Deal of the Moment

The ZMAX Has Arrived

MadVapes ZMAX Deal of the MomentMadVapes just announced they have in stock, the new SmokTech ZMAX advanced personel vaporizer. Wow, that didn’t take long, I just reviewed its predecessor, the VMAX not too long ago. I was fairly impressed with the VMAX so I have high hopes for the new version.

The MadVapes version is a custom release with extra venting along the side of the tube for added safety.

Plus, if you pick one up this weekend (through 9/17/12), they’ll include the extender cap that lets the device operate in dual battery mode.

I don’t have a ZMAX e-cigarette in hand to review yet, but if you’re curious, here’s the features it improves on over the VMAX

  • Variable voltage AND variable wattage (your choice)
  • Single 18650 or dual 18350 battery operation (with extender cap)
  • eGo style connector
  • 4A switch

If you don’t want to wait for me to review it, you can snag one now at MadVapes.  If you do, let me know what you think!

Steve K

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  • Bought a ZMax (Stainless Steel) to replace my lost ProVari. Approached it with low expectations (ProVari is such a delightful device, after all!), but I've been pleasantly surprised. Even though I ordered a pile of stuff the day before the 10% LOVETOVAPE coupon came out I really have no regrets at all, this has been a fantastic device.

    The bottom screw-in battery cap is more tightly threaded than the provari, and it's a little more finicky, but it holds solidly and with a dab of Noalox it is as smooth as butter.

    The display is gorgeous, extremely bright and crisp, and the options menus function very similarly to the ProVari, even if the display is a bit cryptic at times.

    As for actual performance I'm very pleased. This is my first foray into VW, but the power output is always consistent feeling and the vape is pleasant. Plus there's the benefit of not having to fiddle with settings whenever I switch to a different resistance on an attachment.

    Personal rating: 8.5/10, it's a solid device that performs well at a good price. The build quality doesn't seem as tight as the ProVari (might be a single device issue, but the LED display cover on one end of mine seems to have been hit and is inset by about 1/4"), but it's a very satisfying device.

    • I always seem to order stuff just before a sale too. My VMAX has the same issue with the display cover as well, so I guess it's some sort of manufacturing thing. Thanks for the feedback, I'm sure it will help others as well!

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