My Top 10 Favorite e-Cigarette Products

Best e-cigarette products of 2013

I thought I would take the time to share with you my personal favorite e-cigarette products. I vowed not to make a “Best of” post this year. However, I’m weak.  Since I’m stepping out of my usual character, I figured why not mix things up a little.

I generally refrain from directly recommending anything, I figure you’re better at knowing what you like than some guy with a website. But this time, I thought I would tell you what products I actually liked personally.

So, without further delay, are the the ten e-cigarette products I liked best out of all the stuff I reviewed in 2013.

10 – eVic by nJoy

joyetech evic review kit and box imageThe eVic is NJoy’s high-tech e-cigarette with updatable firmware. It’s the first product to offer such a feature, and that’s why it makes the list.  The performance is decent, but the build quality, is not the best in the world.  Still I like this product a lot because of the potential it shows and I desperately hope a model with improved physical features eventually makes it to market.

You can read my review or buy one of these at VaporAlley.


9 – V2 Cigs Starter Kits

v2 cigs standard starter kit review V2 Cigs has been a favorite of mine ever since I reviewed the Ultimate Kit a couple years ago. Now, I’m not a regular user of traditional e-cigarettes, but I understand the appeal they might have for many consumers.  The reason V2 gets the spot on the list is because they are a reliable and consistent brand. Sort of like a favorite chain restaurant, where you always know the meal your ordered no matter what city it’s in.

Check out the review here, or visit V2 Cigs to see their selection.


8 – 777 E-Hookah

777 ecigs e-hookahOk, so this is probably hands-down the most impractical vaping device I’ve ever reviewed. It’s just like the name entails, an electronic hookah complete with a water chamber and hoses and everything. It’s also just kind of fun and grabs more than its fair share of attention.  I donated mine to my local vaping group, Smoky Mountain Vapers, and it’s always a conversation piece whenever it shows up for meets. I’m kind of surprised about the popularity this thing has gotten.

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Here’s my review, and if you want to pick one up, here’s where you go.


7 – 777 Bullet

777 bullet starter kit review box imageHere’s more of a serious pick from 777 eCigs. It’s their Bullet line of e-cigarettes. These sort of straddle the line between traditional e-cigarettes like V2 and midrange devices.  The Bullets are a little bigger than a standard e-cigarette so they have a better battery life. In addition, they feature compact clearomizers instead of the standard cartomizer you find in regular e-cigarettes. I use these quite often when I need something small I can put in a pocket and hit the door without thinking about it.

Check the review or go buy one already.


6 – Kanger eVod Starter Kit

EVOD Box contents

The eVod e-cigarette kit is medium device and very similar to your typical eGo device.  I like the eVod lineup better than the eGos for a couple of reasons.  First, I like the more streamlined style of the eVod where it has a curved button that matches the body of the battery instead of a smaller button that fits on a collar above the battery.  The light ring around the button is also pretty cool, and it’s still completely compatible with eGo clearomizers.  The eVod clearomizers are also a very high-quality clearomizer that you’d expect from kanger with a good looking external metal sleeve and viewing ports.

Want more? see the Review, or buy one at Vapor Alley.


5- SmokTech Trophy Tank


smok trophy tank review title

This is an interesting choice. The Trophy Tank is a Pyrex bottom coil tank made by SmokTech. It’s also pretty much a blatant copy of Kanger’s ProTank line.  Despite these, the Smok tank gets the nod because it simply works better for me than the ProTank models do.  Of course Kanger has upped the game with the ProTank 3 and has improved the original design, but I’m still partial to the Trophy.

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Read the review or visit MadVapes to buy one for yourself.


4 – 777 Magnum

777 magnum review 3 styles Yes, I know this is the third thing on the list from 777. But they have some good offerings. In reality the Magnum e-cigarette line is actually as far as I can tell a rebranded Kanger eVod. However, there’s one, or rather two, exceptions that endear them to me.  The Magnum line has a version with a built in LCD display as well as another version that has a voltage adjustment dial ala the Joye Twist.  That’s the one that I always seem to keep handy, so it’s what’s earned 777 another spot on this list.

That review is right here, or go buy one.


3- Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0

innokin itaste mvp review title imageInnokin updated their unassuming little box mod style device this year.  The big changes were the ability to adjust wattage in addition to voltage.  They also swapped out the flimsy button for a more robust model in the two. It’s now a pretty solid device. But the real reason it’s one of my most favorite vaporizers this year is why I liked the first one. This thing will last for days. It has a good sized internal battery that will keep power going to it all day, even for a very heavy vaper like myself.

Check out the review for more detail, or get one of your own.


2 – Vapor Zeus

Vapor Zeus comparisonVapor4Life’s Zeus was kind of a sleeper in my mind.  When they first announced it, I didn’t think much of it. They mostly touted the feature where it can be used as either an auto or manual battery.  However, what won me over was that it output a full 5 volts and the cartomizers could hold a ton of e-liquid.  What sealed the deal was when I tried a good cigar-flavored e-liquid and realized this is about the closest I’ve ever come to a real smoking experience since I started vaping. It wasn’t a cigarette experience, but a cigar experience. Using the Zeus is like puffing on a big ol’ stogie like some kind of boss.

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Read my first review, or check out the offerings at


1 – Innokin iTaste VTR

itaste vtr review card imageHere we have the device I love the most, seriously.  No matter what I’m using, I always find myself coming back to this.  I like the high-end Innokin products for their fantastic build quality and great performance. Their line of iClear 30 clearomizers also don’t hurt.  The VTR wins over the other Innokin models because I really like the unusual caromizer holder feature. If the form factor is a little odd for you, I’m just as happy with the SVD, 134 and even the Cool Fire II models for their outstanding performance and build quality.

Here, go read all my Innokin reviews, or check out MadVapes Innokin section for all the offerings.

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