UK Article Attempts to Import US Teen Moral Panic

An article on the Guardian’s site is doing some serious hand-wringing over the possibility that the US’ alleged “epidemic” of youth vaping is headed across the pond.

The article quotes a teen who uses a very popular vaping device that shall remain nameless because I’m tired of writing their name in these posts. Let’s just say it rhymes with “fuul.”

Uptake in Europe is apparently lower than it is in the US. Or maybe they just use a more realistic approach to how they count the number of underage vapers.

Still, there seems to be no shortage of kids the Guardian was able to quote who claim to be addicted to vaping.

“It does impact people in school,” says Grace, now 17, who, like all the teenagers in this piece, has had her name changed to protect her identity. Grace is originally from England but attends a private school in Switzerland. “You’ve got kids getting up every five minutes to go to the bathroom because you can’t focus without a hit.”

Can we stop America’s teen vaping epidemic arriving in Britain? | Society | The Guardian

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