UK Health Expert: Vaping Ban “Gross Overreaction”

I think it’s a gross overreaction, but the USA does have a problem in that it has never endorsed the use of electronic cigarettes as a way of quitting smoking in the way that we have in the UK, and it has never prohibited advertising [e-cigarettes] to children, and the brand in question has been advertised strongly on social media to young people.

The truth about e-cigarettes – BBC Science Focus Magazine

BBC Science Focus recently published an interview with professor John Britton director of the UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies.

The first section of the article talks about the recent (stupid) decision to band all vape sales in the city of San Francisco. The ban is in part due to the kids vaping “epidemic” as well as a general fear of vaping and San Francisco being, well, San Francisco.

The post then goes on to compare the US’s reaction to vaping and its unenlightened moral war against vaping vs. the UK’s much more enlightened approach that I’ve covered many, many times.

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