UK Once Again Beats US in Vaping Health Initiatives

England once again shows up America with its much more enlightened approach to vaping.

Unlike the general panic and confusion sewn by US regulatory agencies, the UK has long seen vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. I reported way back in the day when the UK’s spooky-sounding shadow ministry got on board with vaping.

PHE has put its full force behind promoting e-cigarettes as a smoke-free alternative. As a result of public-awareness campaigns and proportionate regulations, England has seen significant changes in how nicotine is consumed. It is proof that business innovation in nicotine products can work alongside public-health regulation.

What America can learn from England about vaping – spiked

Well, in the story quoted above it turns out that it’s not just all talk across the pond any longer. While we in the colonies are busy talking about kids Juuling via their rectums or whatever scary stuff is on the news today, a couple of hospitals in the UK have partnered with a local vape shop to open outlets on hospital campus.

I’m only slightly jealous.

Steve K

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