USA Vaping Battery Company Launches Soon [Updated]

Update:  It turns out I didn’t quite pay enough attention to detail.  The batteries themselves are still manufactured in China.  They are made to the specifications of Juiced Batteries.  The company corrected me and sent me a few more images so I’ll post those at the end of the post for your viewing pleasure.

I’m also told that the company plans to release a couple of additional battery styles in the future including a 20700 and a competition-style 2500 mAh/25 amp constant discharge model.

Vaping batteries.  We all know them and love them (also hate them, like a lot sometimes.) The most common 18650 batteries we use are generally designed for a wide variety of industrial applications, not just vaping.

A new company plans to change that dynamic a bit.  Juiced batteries will soon release a new 18650 battery designed specifically for vaping.  Interestingly, the batteries are being made in America.

According to the marketing info on the company’s page the batteries that will sell for around $25 per pair have a few things that make them unique.  The company will be conservatively rating their batteries, so the numbers may seem lower than some other batteries, but they are a more accurate reflection.

The capacity of the batteries will be 3000 mAh and they will have a 20 amp working discharge with a 30 amp peak.  The batteries also have a different material than typical IMR batteries called IMNR:

Our batteries utilize our own IMNR (Li-Manganese, Nickel) chemistry. With this specially formulated chemistry, we have created one of the safest, hardest hitting batteries out there. This new chemistry allows us to create a high-amp discharge, while never compromising battery life.

While they claim the batteries are safer, the company still highly recommends appropriate battery safety.  The batteries cone packaged in a plastic battery case to help with safe battery storage.

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So is this all marketing speak, or will Juiced build a better battery?

I’ll try and get my hands on a pair of their batteries in the future to provide a bit more of a look at them.  But, don’t expect some geeky review with complex math and charts.

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