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UWELL Crown Sub Ohmer Hits the Market [Review]

Sub Ohm tanks, are a dime a dozen it seems.  Everyone has one and they tend to be very similar. UWell is yet another contender on the market, with a slightly different take on the category. What did UWell do differently? Find out in this UWell Crown review.

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Sorry for the teaser in the intro.  I’ll jump right to the point to make amends. The UWell Crown rocks a quartz tank and stainless steel heating coils.

To be honest, I’m not sure how they can actually make working heating coils out of stainless, but I’ll opt to believe the giant yellow cardboard wrap on the box that compares the heating coils to silverware and woks.  No, really, it does see:

uwell crown review label image

Despite the kind of goofball marketing, the Crown tank comes well equipped.  The box includes the tank with a .5 head preloaded along with a spare glass tank and a pair of heads rated at .5 ohm and 1.2 ohms respectively.

The tanks features also stand up on their own.  Among the bright points are the ability to top-fill the tank and the airflow control.

Sure, all subohmers have airflow control, and the Crown’s isn’t much different, you twist a band on the bottom of the tank.  But, there’s a nice ratcheting action when selecting the opening size.  It helps you know when you’ve moved to a different setting, and the band isn’t as prone to slipping as some other tanks out there.

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uwell crown review topThe top of the tank sports a generously sized drip tip, though it’s not as comically huge as the Atlantis 2’s exhaust. The large port provides ample room for the generous amount of vapor output by this tank.

Like the Atlantis sequel, the Crown is power hungry. The best vapor production seems to come around 4o watts or so.  Bring a higher powered device like the Smok M80, though a decent 40 watt APV like Innokin’s new Cool Fire will do the job too.

The Crown uses Japanese cotton (just like the other guys), so wicking works well to a point.  Much past 45 watts and the Crown gets a little unpredictable.  Fortunately, this tank does a good job of recovering.

I’ve been using the same head since I received these review samples a couple weeks ago.  There doesn’t seem to be any indication of flavor reproduction deteriorating.  Perhaps that’s the coils in these units, I’m not sure.

It might even be my imagination, but it does really seem like flavor reproduction is better in this tank than in many of the other sub ohms I’ve used previously.  Maybe it’s the magic of the food-grade coils, who knows?

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The other unique feature, the tank seems durable enough as compared to Pyrex.  I’ve dropped this tank more often than usual and haven’t had to break out the included replacement tube.  Still, I wouldn’t recommend this practice if you can avoid it.

UWell seems to have made itself a decent competitor.  I’ve found I’ve been using this tank extensively.  That may just be because the heads last pretty long.  The great flavor doesn’t hurt either.

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You can pick up your own UWell Crown and Ecigarette Lobby.

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