V-MOD vs. Boge Revolution V2.1: e-Cigarette comparison

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Recently, I reviewed the V-MOD by Vapage, a compact bottom juice fed e-cigarette.  While writing that article, I couldn’t help but draw some comparisons to another bottom feeding e-cigarette I reviewed, the Boge Revolution V2.1.  Normally, I don’t like to declare any one device superior to another.
If you’ve at all followed my reviews, you know that rather than pass judgement, I simply state what I liked and didn’t like about an e-cigarette or vaping hardware. I let you, the reader, decide if something is worth your time or not, because I’m pretty sure you’re smart like that.  But, I thought it might be fun to do a little comparing and contrasting.
This isn’t going to be a terribly formal affair with scores for each category on a 10 point scale or anything like that.  Just some thoughts on how each one does in an area and which one has the advantage.  For more detailed information, check out the reviews for each device individually: V-MOD Review | Boge Revolution V2.1 Review.
Without further ado, let’s just get ready to rumble!
Vapage V-MOD vs Boge Revolution e-cigarette comparison image
In the end there can be only one
Build Quality and Polish
Boge Revolution V2.1: The Boge unit is pretty much entirely plastic.  It has a seam that goes along the entire edge of the device.  The overall feel of the build is a little bit plasticy, although the rubberized finish and decent fit of the parts show some thought went into the design.  The remaining “Anion” lights and switch position (despite the feature being removed) serve as a distraction to the overall vibe of the unit.
V-MOD: The V-MOD is a much more simple device.  The inner workings are entirely mechanical so it lacks any extra bells and whistles like battery indicator lights.  The lack of extra adornments along with an aluminium shell over ABS plastic chasis gives the Vapage model a much more solid and finished feel.
Advantage: Vapage V-MOD

Vapage V-MOD vs Boge Revolution e-cigarette comparison size image
Mine’s bigger than yours
Boge Revolution V2.1: No two ways about it, the extra stuff jammed into the Boge unit like the extended batteries, storage compartment and larger bottle make this unit much larger than its competitor.
V-MOD: Not sure what else to say here, the V-MOD is a very compact device, especially for a juice feeder.  The unit easily conceals within the palm of my hand.
Advantage: Vapage V-MOD

Vapage V-MOD vs Boge Revolution e-cigarette comparison ergonomics image
In the palm of my hand
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Boge Revolution V2.1: Despite its larger size, the Revolution has an incredibly natural feel when held in the hand.  When first using the device, my hands took almost no time to find a comfortable grip for regular use and bottle feeding.  There are no harsh edges whatsoever on this device. The semi-mechanical fire button also has a very natural feel to it.
V-MOD: I struggled some at first figuring out the best way to hold onto the V-MOD.  The device is almost a little too small to grip comfortably and the position of the fire button is somewhat awkward.  Also, despite the rounded corners, this device has angular edges which makes finding a good gripping position a little more of a trial and error process.
Advantage: Boge

Vapage V-MOD vs Boge Revolution e-cigarette comparison capacity image
I like big bottles and I cannot lie
Boge Revolution V2.1: As a result of its larger size, the revolution can carry an impressive 10ml of e-liquid on board.
V-MOD: Also as a result of its size, the V-MOD can only houses 3ml of liquid per fill up.
Advantage: Boge

Vapage V-MOD vs Boge Revolution e-cigarette comparison cartomizer image
with resurrector
Boge Revolution V2.1: The Boge model is of course designed with Boge cartomizers.  However, most standard diameter cartos and atomizers work fine with the unit.  There are some that may find their airflow overly restricted due to the sleeve on the connector, but this is probably true for many e-cigarettes.
V-MOD: The V-MOD can work with pretty much the same gear as the Boge.  However, there’s one catch, and it’s a pretty big one.  Only Vapage bottom feeder hardware (or other stuff modded with special holes toward the bottom of the device) will work correctly with the feed system.  If you want to actually use the juice feed system, stick with the Vapage gear.  The good news is that gear is quite good. Updated: Vapage has updated their V-MOD to greatly enhance the compatibility of the device.  Most standard cartomizers and atomizers will now work with the device.
Advantage: Boge

Vapage V-MOD vs Boge Revolution e-cigarette comparison battery compartment image
Batteries not included
Revolution V2.1: The Revolution uses two internal, hardwired 700mAh batteries for a total capacity of 1400mAh.  The device features a USB port for charging and can work as a pass-through while the batteries are charging.  The disadvantage is once the batteries finally die, they can’t easily be replaced. I had no issue getting through a day of vaping on a single charge.
V-MOD: Vapage took a more traditional tack with their device.  The V-MOD uses standard protected 14500 batteries.  These are rated at 600-900mAh depending on maker, so expect at least a couple swaps during the day.  Since the batteries are easily replaceable, the device won’t be useless when a battery dies.

Advantage: Draw (each approach has its own pros and cons)

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Vapage V-MOD vs Boge Revolution e-cigarette comparison performance image
A dynamo
Revolution V2.1: The Boge performs fairly well with the standard cartomizers that ship with the unit. For the most part, the system seems to perform better with cartomizers rather than atomizers.  In general, performance was very good with this unit when paired with a lower resistance cartomizer.
V-MOD: The stock cartomizers shipped by Vapage are pretty analogous to the stock Boges that come with the Revolution.  However, switching over to the AMG hybrid 1.5Ω atomizers is a huge leap forward in performance.  As an added bonus, this unit can be used with 2 small 14250 3v batteries for 6v vaping, however, a HV atomizer is still in the works.
Advantage: Vapage V-MOD (better performance with potential high voltage improvements later)
Vapage V-MOD vs Boge Revolution e-cigarette comparison leaking image
It’s not THAT bad
Revolution V2.1: The Revolution has a few weaknesses.  The biggest issue is that should the juice bottle and needle assembly be inserted incorrectly, the needle could break, rendering the unit useless.  Replacement bottle and needles are available at a few places, and are somewhat pricey for what they are.  The other issue is if liquid is over-applied, it could seep into the interior of the unit, where the electronics are located potentially damaging the e-cigarette.  Finally, while not necessarily an issue per se, the plastic construction means the unit could be damaged more easily if dropped.
V-MOD: The interior chasis on early models of this device were prone to cracking.  That issue has been resolved and owners of the old unit are entitled to a replacement from the company.  The current models may have e-liquid seepage issues where liquid will seep in the inside of the unit.  Update: The seepage issue has been resolved in the latest version of the V-MOD
A replacement gasket kit is available to resolve most of those issues (new models will ship with the upgrades).  I also found that the juice bottle itself can play a role in whether or not the V-MOD leaks.  The version I tested had a slight seeping issue with one bottle, but remained pretty much bone dry with the other.  The method used to feed juice to the atomizer may also play a role in seepage.  However, as the unit is mechanical, excess juice can easily be cleaned.
Advantage: Vapage V-MOD (Catastrophic failures due to design issues are less likely)
Vapage V-MOD vs Boge Revolution e-cigarette comparison price image
Revolution V2.1: Retail Price: $59.99
V-MOD: Retail Price: $75.00
Advantage: Boge
Vapage V-MOD vs Boge Revolution e-cigarette comparison end image
Wait, what just happened here?
The Score
Adding up the raw numbers our score looks like:
V-MOD: 4
Revolution V2.1: 4
Looks like I get to keep up the tradition of letting you, the reader, decide what is worthy of your hard-earned consumer dollars.  I assure you the results were totally unententional.  I was surprised when I went back and tallied everything up using find/replace.  I really wanted to finally declare something superior!
Dude! C’mon, seriously?

Really I think the decision kind of falls into the realm of which features are more important to you.  If you value the solid feel more than the slight difference in price, perhaps the V-MOD looks better.  If you’re all about having an all-day without changing batteries or filling bottles, then perhaps the Boge might be the one for you.

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That being said, I told you I’d actually pass judgement on something.  So here it goes.  I personally prefer the V-MOD over the Boge.  The V-MOD just feels more solid, compared to the sort of cheap plastic and wasted space in the Revolution.  I also found that the V-MOD performs a lot better when paired with the optional AMG Hybrid Atomizers.

If you would like to brush up on the original reviews, check out the Vapage V-MOD review and the Boge Revolution V2.1 review.

If you have made your choice and want to participate in a little commerce, hit the links below to purchase your own personal winner.

Get the Boge Revolution V2.1 at Sterling Vapor
Pick up the V-MOD at Vapage (don’t forget the hybrid atomizers, trust me on that one)

Disclosure: Both e-cigarettes were provided free of charge for the original reviews.  I feature affiliate and/or paid-for advertising from the sellers of both units.

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  • A nice writeup as always, for me a replaceable battery is preferable to the hardwired one, aside from the ease of having extras to accommodate your own vaping requirements there's also the longevity issue! but I can definitely see the other side of the argument when it comes to mobility, which for such small devices is the obvious goal.

    • Yeah that's why I just couldn't make up my mind. I really like the USB pass-through function over charging externals, but being able to replace old batteries or keep a charged spare is just as good.

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