V2 Cigs EX Quick Review

Ok, so I kind of gush a little about V2 Cigs, at least as far as traditional e-cigarettes go. I think they just have a certain level of quality and performance that make them a great choice for those that prefer traditional style e-cigarettes.  V2 has come out with a new, fancy and slightly higher tech, though still traditional product, the V2 Cigs EX battery.  Here’s a quick review of the product to see what it can add to a traditional e-cigarette starter kit.

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V2 Cigs EX Battery Card Image Product name V2 EX Series Battery
Available from  V2 Cigs
Price  $29.95
Styles  Brushed steel, carbon fiber, scarlett metallic, royale, bloom
Competing products  V4L Vapor Titan
Who’s it for?  Fans of traditional e-cigarettes looking for something fancy

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What is the V2 Cigs EX Battery?

You may have noticed I keep saying battery instead of the EX kit.  That’s because the EX is only available as a standalone battery, there is no starter kit version of this device.

v2 cigs ex battery imageThis add-on is somewhat pricey at $29 dollars. Fortunately V2 frequently has sales and the discount code stevevape will get you 10% off. Also, check the V2 banner at the bottom of the post which will usually show their current deal if they have one.  Hey, I’m all about convenience!

Moving along.  The EX comes in a nicely designed blister pack that includes the battery, a matching cartomizer cover and 3 rubber gaskets (more on that later).  There are several flashy designs available from the brushed stainless featured in this review to a card-themed model, carbon fiber and more.  You can see the full lineup on V2’s site.

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The batteries themselves are very high quality and solidly built.  They lack the traditional glowing LED at the end. Instead, you’ll find five tiny LEDs along the side of the unit just under the tip.  These light up when the unit is puffed (the EX only comes in automatic). The number of lights illuminated indicates how much battery charge remains.  Each battery has a different color LED, the steel has white LEDs.

Now, about those gaskets. The gasket fits over the battery’s KR808D-1 threading and is used to hold the cartomizer cover in place through the magic of friction. The other gaskets are included as extras.  If you prefer to use a clearomizer or something other than a standard cartomizer, the cover isn’t going to do much good, but it’s great for covering up the sometimes garish color-coded cartomizers V2 uses.

v2 cigs ex battery reviewPerformance-wise, this is a fantastic battery.  Like all of V2’s lineup, it outputs a strong 4.2v for some pretty impressive vapor for a traditional e-cigarette. The draw is quite nice, not too airy or tight. The switch responds well to a draw, and it seems like the battery is able to heat up the coils without too much in the way of primer puffs.

One annoying thing I found with these batteries is the lights themselves.  The only way to activate the battery level lights is to puff on the e-cigarette.  You can look down the length of the device while your puffing and sort of see the lights.  I found myself getting cross-eyed doing that.  Perhaps you need to bring a friend with you everywhere you go to tell you how much battery life you have left.

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Or, I suppose, you could just use a mirror. Maybe close one eye while looking at the lights.

The EX battery generally impresses even with the goofy light situation.  The only other downsides are the price and the fact there’s no starter kit option.

Still, if you want some style and good performance out of your traditional e-cigarette setup, pay a visit to V2 Cigs, and don’t forget the coupon code stevevape.
V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - #1 Ecig Brand Worldwide!

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