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Vaepe Studio Disposable eCig Review

Vaepe is an electronic cigarette company based out of the UK.  The company specializes in sleek looking traditional-style electronic cigarettes. The company offers a variety of standard kits and disposable models. In this review we’ll take a look at the company’s Studio disposable electronic cigarette.

vaepe disposable e-cigarette review title image


The Vaepe Studio disposable e-cigarette is a very sleek looking device.  The e-cigarette itself comes in a minimalist monochrome black cardboard retail package featuring a black logo on a black background.

Open the front flap of the package and you’ll find one individually wrapped disposable cigarette.  Plus an added bonus that is a really nice touch. There’s also a silicone cover in case you’d like to share your Studio eCig with a friend (or a total stranger, maybe, who am I to judge you?).

vaepe disposable e-cigarette review sharing cover

The disposable ecig itself is also all black with the exception of the Vaepe logo, and a white cap on the end of the cartomizer.  A rubberized finish adds to the sleek feel of this disposable model.  I’ve seen this finish on some higher end traditional e-cigarettes and some advanced devices, but never on a disposable.

vaepe disposable e-cigarette review chrome tipThe tip features a flat chrome disk instead of the ubiquitous grey ash cap found on most e-cigarettes of this style, a very elegant touch. The really neat thing is that despite the tip being chrome, it still lights up when you puff the e-cigarette thanks to a bright white LED located behind the chromed plastic end cap.

From a size perspective, this model is about average for a disposable (making it a bit longer than traditional standard-sized ecigs, but shorter than the XL variants). The device is also slightly thinner than many disposables I’ve run across.

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If nothing else, I have to give props to the Vaepe for being one of the classiest disposables I’ve come across.

The Studio disposable e-cigarette comes in traditional, menthol and cherry in a few different nicotine concentrations from 0mg to 18mg.


The model that Vaepe sent to me is their 0mg cherry flavored edition.

Since it was the nicotine free edition, I can’t really speak of throat hit in this particular device. Based on the rest of the performance, I’m guessing it will be fairly typical of a disposable e-cigarette.

vaepe disposable e-cigarette reviewFrom a performance standpoint, the Vaepe is fairly middle of the pack.  The flavor is somewhat subdued. That is very typical of disposables. For some reason, disposables tend to dial back the flavor just a bit, perhaps to appeal to the widest swath of potential customers. Since many people using disposables are first time vapers coming off regular cigarettes that makes sense.

Vapor production is also acceptable and definitely in line with a disposable with an automatic battery.

Lastly, we come to how long the device lasts.  Again, this is a fairly typical device in that regard, both in advertised equivalency and actual use. The claim is that each disposable lasts up to two packs of traditional cigarettes.  In practice, I tend to regard things in terms of time instead of cigarette equivalency (after you vape for a while you  eventually stop marking time in cigarettes).

Using this device sparingly should get several good hours of use.  However, heavy users like myself will probably clock a couple hours before depleting the elquid supply inside the builtin cartomizer.


As I mentioned at the top of the review, Vaepe is a UK company.  However, they are branching out and ship worldwide.  They are currently in the process of making a US version of their site.  As of right now, US consumers can purchase from the site and have it shipped, but the currency is in Pounds or Euro and shipping to the states is very spendy.

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I asked the company about their plans and they indicated they will have pricing available in US dollars with more reasonable shipping rates.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

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The Vaepe Studio disposable e-cigarette is one of the nicest looking disposables I’ve run into. Most disposables try very hard to look like favorite traditional cigarettes. The Vaepe looks like it comes from the Matrix – a definite plus in my book. Performance is middle-of-the-pack so the good looks goes a lot to set the Vaepe apart from ordinary disposables.  You can get more information on this and the rest of the Vaepe line on their website.


  • Attractive packaging
  • Bonus cover for sharing
  • Cool hidden LED


  • Average performance
  • Mild flavor


Product name: Vaepe Studio
Available From: Vaepe
Price: 11.14 EUR

Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes. Vape advertises on this site. 

Steve K

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  • I've ordered these since I saw them in a magazine a few months ago and needless to say they're better than most I've tried… very elegant design as this article mentions. I've had many people asking me about this e-cig and wanting to try it. They always seem delighted and ask where I got it. Pretty cool, otherwise they smoke great for me since I recently switched from regular cigarettes and wanted something a bit more classy than the ones at my local market. I hope I see these at the store soon. For now I've just been ordering refills from the website. Best wishes, Sharon.

  • barnestenser

    (09/25/12 - 4:33 am)

    Sharon hi we're glad to hear you enjoy our product and congratulate you on making the switch from cigarettes to Vaepe. Next time you order from us remember to use our 10% off code enter: vaepe10 at the checkout!

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