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Vantage Vapor is an offshoot of V2 Cigs. Vantage Vapor is available both at its own website and which serves as a sort of affiliated V2 store. Where V2 Cigs has a wide variety of products and flavors and Vapor Couture has flashy devices geared toward women, Vantage shoots for a more simplified experience. Read through the rest of my Vantage Vapor review and find out if going back to basics is a good idea.

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Vapor Vantage Review Title image Product name The Vantage Starter Kit
Available from Vantage Vapor
Price $49.95

What’s in the box

2 Automatic Batteries, standard white vantage vapor review box contents
1 5-pack cartomizer in choice of strength/flavor
1 USB Charger
1 AC to USB adapter
1 Printed user guide


Vantage Starter Kit Details

The way I see Vantage is sort of similar to trends in retail. A lot of high-end companies have started to market less expensive versions of their wares at places like Target. Vantage Vapor is a little less refined and has fewer choices than V2 Cigs, but also comes in less expensive than the main product line.

vantage vapor review in the boxSo, how “downmarket” is the Vantage Vapor Gear? For starters, variety has taken a back seat. There are but four flavors available including two tobacco and two mint flavors. Several nicotine strengths, however, are available.

The batteries are limited to an automatic with a red LED. You can have any color you like, as long as it’s white. The exterior of the battery appears to be of plastic construction.

However, the batteries seem fairly decent. They feel solid and the casings themselves are colored, rather than being a colored sticker. Vantage also uses the same KR808D-1 threading popular with this style of electronic cigarette. This makes them compatible with V2 cartomizers, and a variety of other 808 gear.

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Similarly, the packaging and accessories are also well designed. The box is the traditional hard cardboard with a magnetic flap and the batteries are secured in the box with a block of foam featuring cutouts for the battery.

The included user manual is printed on heavy stock, is well written and illustrated. It seems that while choice has been limited and there were cost savings with some materials, quality was left mostly intact.

Using the Vapor Vantage e-Cigarette

Use is pretty much as you’d expect with an auto battery starter kit. The stock cartomizers have hard caps, so really don’t encourage refilling.  Therefore, it’s just a matter of sticking the battery on the charger until the light turns blue, sticking on the cartomizer and vaping.

Vantage Vapor BatteriesPretty simple.

One thing I noticed pretty quickly is the tight draw on the e-cigarette. The battery actually features a nicely sensitive automatic switch. Taking a light puff on the device will actually activate the battery, but there isn’t a lot of vapor to be had.

You have to really take a hearty pull to get the ideal amount of vapor out of the cartomizer. However, tighter draws generally produce more vapor and a better flavor. The Vantage gear does a competent job of producing vapor, but I’m not so sure it’s quite as good as some other 808 devices I’ve used before.

Draw tightness does tend to be more of a personal preference thing. Some people like a tighter draw, while others prefer a light touch closer to that of taking a drag off a cigarette.

The battery itself is pretty much a standard size. This means average users can expect a couple of hours of run time between charges. Heavy vapors would be swapping out batteries considerably more often.

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In the most general terms, the Vantage Vapor e-cigarettes are well constructed, but pretty much middle of the road otherwise.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

vantage vapor review end image

Vantage Vapor is the basic e-cigarette arm of the V2 Cigs empire. The devices are well built, but use somewhat lower-grade materials and reduced choice to offer a more simple and lower-cost version of a very popular e-cigarette brand. The result is a competent but fairly unremarkable e-cigarette for users with simple tastes. You can see what else is available by visiting Vantage Vapor.


Lower cost
Responsive auto switch
Good construction


No battery choice
Limited flavors
Average performance

Disclosure: I received this product from V2 for review. This review features affiliate links.

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  • Can't get my mind around a white casing with a red light in a world where vapors should do everything possible to remain inconspicuous in any public environment.


  • As a vaper. I enjoy my mods and such, and as I Dont think this is the best way to go, it is the first phaze in most peoples move away from cigarettes. I applaud you Steve for reviewing such products. I still own a small white battery that looks strikingly similar to a cigarette. I Dont use it as much as I did that first month of quitting… but it stuck with me.

    • Thanks! I find a wide variety of people with different preferences read this site, so I try to include a little of everything.

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