V-MOD XL Review juice fed ecig by vapage title image

Vapage V-MOD XL – Impressions

V-MOD XL Review juice fed ecig by vapage title image

Vapage recently released a larger-than-life update to their e-cig juice box, the V-MOD. The V-MOD XL boasts a larger battery and tank capacity than its little predecessor. Despite simply looking like a larger version of the original bottom feeder e-cig mod, Vapage has done some updating to the internals of the device. Read the rest of the Vapage V-MOD XL review to get the scoop!

What’s in the box?

While the original small Vapage V-Mod is available as both a basic kit and a complete kit (which adds batteries and a charger), the V-MOD XL only comes in “a la carte” configurations. Despite lacking batteries, you get a few things in the bare-bones kit:

  • V-MOD XL chassis
  • V-Mod XL cover (in silver or black)
  • 2.2Ω Silo Cartomizer
  • 2.2Ω Hybrid atomizer
  • Two drip tips (long and short, now hard plastic instead of rubber)
  • two 9ml e-Liquid bottles
  • Warranty card, but no printed manual


The super-sized V-MOD shares much of the design with the original version of Vapage’s bottom feeder (you can read the original V-MOD review for the details). The XL version is still a purely mechanical affair with an elaborate series of thin metal springs designed to connect the battery to the atomizer. The button also features the same twist to disable safety.

The V-MOD XL still uses the same two-piece design as the original. Tolerances seem to have been tightened in this new version. The outer shell fits very snugly on the inner chassis. The cone design has been updated as well. Removing the shell requires a bit of wiggling to get it to clear the chassis.

V-MOD XL Review juice fed ecig by vapage compared with original V-MOD image
Bigger, badder and less shiny!

The new XL version also has more of a matte finish to the metal. The only color choices are black or silver. There are currently no add-on shells in multiple designs like the original. This will likely change in the future.

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The previous V-MOD had a single cone that screwed on the device to hold the two halves together. Vapage’s jumbo version uses a two-piece design. There is an inner part that holds the shell and insides together. The inner piece also has a gasket built into it, no more sticking o-rings on cartomizers.

The actual cone screws in the unit after fully assembled. It fights more tightly around the atomizer and features air holes to allow air to flow into the atomizer or cartomizer. While the new cone design (along with the size) are the most noticeable features of the V-MOD XL, it’s the things you can’t easily see which makes Vapeage’s newest entry the most interesting.

Improvements Over the Original V-MOD

I’ll just cut to the chase here. Two of the biggest issues I had with the original V-MOD have been fixed in the new version: leaking and the need for proprietary hardware.

V-MOD XL Review juice fed ecig by vapage chamber image
Inner Chamber and Power Switch

The internal juice feeding system has been completely re-done. According to the Vapage site:
“The VMOD XL uses a new Two-Chamber design unheard of in the vamping world until now. one chamber feeds the e-liquid, while the other chamber brings fresh air from the outside through its nose cone”

I couldn’t really tear the V-MOD apart to be able to see how the new design works. However, gone is the need for the little silicone catch cup, the liquid appears contained until it gets into the chamber where the cartomizer attaches.

The gasket on the nose cone connector and the inner chamber also seem to do a great job at keeping e-liquid out of the V-MOD XL’s internals. Previously, you had to be very delicate when feeding the V-MOD to keep it from drooling e-liquid all over the insides.

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With the XL version I was able to squeeze the bottle quite aggressively and was never met with e-liquid inside the chamber. If you aren’t able to absorb all of the liquid into the cartomizer or atomizer, it will hang around in that inner chamber, resulting in a wet carto when removed.

V-MOD XL Review juice fed ecig by vapage disassembled image
Parts of the V-MOD XL

This new air-tight design also eliminates the need for hardware with special feeding slots in the bottom of the sleeve. Most standard diameter cartomizers or atomizers will feed just fine in the V-MOD Xl.

While the provided Vapage Silo cartomizer and Hybrid atomizers are not bad, I quickly swapped them out for a single coil Smoktech cartomizer. Other fan favorites like Boge cartomizers and dual coil cartomizers should work without issue as well.

As an added bonus, this is a mechanical mod that uses 18650 batteries. This means that you can also stack smaller 3 volt batteries to have more voltage choice in your life. You can also use the new 4.8v batteries on the market.

The Vapage website says any old 18650 will work. That’s not entirely true. I have some flat-top batteries that came with my Epower that won’t work because they have totally flat tops. You need to have at least a small raised top (like the AW IMRs or Trust Fire protected batteries) for the switch to make proper contact.

Adding room for big battery like the 18650 means the device is much bigger. While it’s not overly huge, the original V-MODs small and stealthy feel is gone. I also found that the bigger version is not as ergonomic as the original version.

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It took a while of use to find a comfortable grip. It never felt quite as natural to hold the V-MOD XL as the diminutive original felt in the hand.

V-MOD XL Review juice fed ecig by vapage end image

Too Long; Didn’t Read

The V-MOD XL is a new big brother to the original Vapage V-MOD. The device is considerably larger and now houses both more battery and e-liquid capacity. The new model is just as solid as the original Vapage V-MOD but doesn’t have the same stealthy, ergonomic feel. This is offset considerably by the fact that the new XL version can use most popular cartomizers and atomizers and eliminates the seepage issues of the original. Click here to buy the V-MOD from Vapage


  • Higher battery capacity
  • Flexible battery options
  • 9ml e-liquid bottle capacity
  • no juice seepage issues
  • ability to use non-vapage hardware
  • Fully mechanical
  • Solid feel


  • Much larger than original
  • Not as natural a hand feel
  • No LED indicators
  • Flat-top batteries not compatible

Product: V-MOD XL
Available From: Vapage
Price: Check site for current prices
e-Liquid Capacity: 9ml
Battery: 18650 (not included)
Threading: 510
Mechanism: Mechanical

Do you have a V-MOD XL, or just an opinion?  The comments section awaits your feedback!

Disclosure: I feature affiliate links and banners for Vapage, who provided the V-MOD XL for review purposes.

Steve K

Hello and welcome to Steve K


  • Love Love Love my XL !!!

  • Deranged Doll

    (01/15/12 - 10:24 am)

    Steve, flat top batteries are compatible. You either have to push the button a bit harder or use a magnet spacer :)

    • A spacer is a bit like cheating :) I need to get some.

      I did find flipping some of my batteries upside down (with the negative side at the top) helped as well, but I did have to press the button pretty hard. I'd say not to go out of the way for flat tops, but if you have them already, it may work.

  • Just got mine and I love it! A big improvement over my EGO-T Megas. I

  • I imagine that's a very different experience :)

  • Do you know if the new air design will be implemented on the standard size v-mod by any chance?

    • Yes, they've updated the standard V-MOD to feature the same stuff (like not leaking) as the XL. They are available now, unless they've sold out again.

  • I just receive mine few days ago, WOW! As for the batteries, flat top worked fine. Only cons I have is the BIG LOGO SIGN.

    • I guess in the grand scheme of things there could be worse drawbacks than the big logo :) Glad it works for you.

  • nice review steve!
    have it since a month and it's wonderful.
    works like a charme without any leakage.

  • i just got the vmod xl can u use any atty or carto with it

    • As long as it's a standard thickness. Clear cartomizers tend to be too thick and any sort of cartomizer without filler like a CE2 also won't work because of the design.

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