Vapefly Fantsy – 6 Coils of Fury [Review]

Dual coil subohm vaping tanks have been around for ages.  Vapefly decided to take the coil thing to insane new levels.  The Fantasy tank features a sextuple coil head as one of the available coils packed in with this huge tank.  

Curious?  Read on to find out how this tank stacks up.

Disclosure: I received this product from Buy Best for review purposes. This review contains affiliate links.

What’s in the box?

The Vapefly Fantasy tank comes with a few goodies which include

  • Vapefly tank and drip tip
  • 6 coil head (preinstalled)
  • Chimney adapter (preinstalled)
  • Triple Coil head
  • Giant Vertical coil head
  • Replacement tank glass
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Vapefly Fantasy Review

Pardon the pun, but there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the Fantasy tank.  Let’s skip the details on the coil arrangements just for a moment and cover the basics.  The Fantasy is a big tank, it holds 6ml.  It’s available in several colors, I was sent the black with gold accents and it’s pretty stunning.  There’s also straight black or silver.

Besides the handsome looks of this tank, it also features one of the best top fill systems I’ve worked with.  The system is a twist and lock sort of setup.  It took me a minute to figure out when I first got my tank, but it’s intuitive after that.  Essentially you turn the top cap counter-clockwise like you’re unscrewing it.  It will stop after about a quarter turn.  Then pull straight up to reveal an area between the glass and top that features the filling hole.  Reverse the process to close it up and lock the filler in place.

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It works well because I’ve had absolutely zero problems with leaks.  I wish I could say that for more tanks.  Like the other tanks, Vapefly’s includes a twist-style airflow controller at the bottom of the tank. In addition, there’s an internal metal cage that’s also popular in many modern tanks. The cage adds strength and some beauty to the overall tank.

So what about these coils?

Ok, fine, imaginary reader, you win!  The Vapefly fantasy is designed for performance.  The six coil thing may have been a giveaway.  On their site, Vapefly specifies the wattage the coils are designed for.  The six coil setup is designated to run at 120-200 Watts (!) Even the mildest of the heads has a suggested starting speed of 90 watts.

In other words, if you want to use this tank, you’ll need some serious power in your vaporizer. 

There are three different coils, which are labelled F12, F2 and F6.  The first two heads are also compatible with the Smok TFV12, while the F6 is compatible with a different tank, the Cleito 120.

I’m not exactly clear why the Vapefly Fantasy F6 head has such a different design than the other two.  That head has an extended top which is meant to replace the chimney that fits on top the other two heads.  It also requires an adapter (which is pre-installed) to properly fit the tank.

The F6 sort of splits the ground between the F12 and F2 by boasting three heads.  Since it still runs at very high wattage and low resistance (.15 ohm), I wouldn’t say it’s designed for mouth-to-lung vaping.  But, it does sort of have a more MTL feel to it than when using the big head.

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Next up is the F2 coil.  This one is a little more normal as it’s a single coil head.  But, it’s not just any coil, the thing is HUGE. It rocks a large coil with thick wire that’s mounted vertically and surrounded by cotton.  This is sort of like a lot of other heads but… bigger.

I’ve been too excited to play with the other heads to really give this one much try. So let’s just move on to the main attraction.

Unlike the F2 head, the F12 features normal sized coils, just way more than your typical vape tank.  The coils are arranged in a neat circle around the edge of the head.  A custom fit metal plate with openings for each coil is fit atop the head.

At first I thought this was a bit of a novelty item.  I suppose it still is.  But as soon as I started using the F12 head on my Fantasy tank, I was impressed.  The performance is just outstanding with tons of vapor.  Truth be told, I ran this head at less than 120 watts most of the time.  I think ramping that up to 200 would be pretty insane.  Therefore I didn’t get a chance to see if you really could go as high as the manufacturer suggests. 

Finally the build deck.  There isn’t one.  This is my one major gripe with the Vapefly Fantasy.  There’s no build deck so you can roll your own coils with this tank.  I probably couldn’t build anything near as nice as that six coil head, but I still like the freedom a build deck gives me.  Of course since this is compatible with a Smok tank, in theory, you could get a build deck for one of those tanks and use it.

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I admit, my last point may be a bit nitpicky, but everything has some sort of flaw.  The only other thing I had to complain about was the drip tip broke when I dropped my vaporizer on a hard surface.  The tank itself was fine.

This is a great choice if you’re in the market for a high-capacity tank that has some real performance potential.  Though you may want to look for a dedicated rebuildable tank if you like to build your own coils.

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