Vaper Empire Inks Deal With DHL To Express Deliver Vapes And E-Juice To Customers In Australia And New Zealand

Vaper Empire, one of the leaders in the Australian vape market, has inked a deal with shipping giant DHL to express deliver all of their e-cigarettes, e-juice, and other vaping related products to their customers in Australia and New Zealand in as little as three days. And it’s not just fast shipping that the new deal between the two companies offers, as customers can now track all of their shipments from start to finish thanks to DHL’s package tracking system.

This means that Vaper Empire’s customers can not only order e-juice and vapes and have them quickly delivered to their homes, but they can also keep track of their orders as they travel from Vaper Empire’s distribution centre to their homes.

For Australians and New Zealanders who have ever ordered vaping supplies online, knowing that their orders can be tracked and will be quickly delivered is sure to be appreciated. No longer will vapers in the two island nations be forced to wait for weeks or even months to get their supplies, as all orders placed with Vaper Empire are delivered in 3-5 business days. That is, needless to say, quite fast and it’s just one of the many reasons to shop with Vaper Empire.

Vaper Empire E-Cigarettes & Vape Juice

Vaper Empire sells its own brand of electronic cigarettes and e-juice, both of which are available in different styles. In the case of their e-liquid, their concoctions range from the “Classic” apple, tobacco, menthol, and similar flavours to the anything but common “Artisan” range that includes flavour combinations the likes you’ve likely never heard of. Take, for instance, their Old Port Royal e-juice, an aged sweetened tobacco flavoured e-liquid that’s as wild and turbulent as the angriest sea. Another example is their Amazonian e-liquid, which is a wild and untamed cross of mango, passion fruit, and orchard fruit with a twist of citrus.

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Their e-juice flavours, which they offer quite a few of, are available in nicotine strengths that stretch from 0mg (no nicotine) to 24mg (a lot of nicotine). They also offer different sizes so you can find the amount and strength that’s right for you.

As for e-cigs, the devices used to vapourize their e-juices, their options span from the familiar cig-a-like style that invokes a sense of conventional cigarette smoking to the wildly popular vape pen style and more. Perhaps most intriguing is their Vibe Series e-cigarette, which offers the large tank and powerful battery that many of today’s vapers have come to appreciate for its power and convenience.

Buy With Confidence

Vaper Empire, established in 2012, is the leading premium e-cigarette company in Australia. Their products are tried and true examples of what it means to cater to one’s customers. All of their vapes are designed to be easy to use and all of their e-juices are manufactured in a state of the art manufacturing facility. When it comes to quality, you’ll be hard pressed to find better than what Vaper Empire has to offer.

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