Vapers’ Shopping Habits Revealed

What are the Shopping Habits of Vapers?

Vaping has taken off tremendously, it’s popularity increasing with every passing day. Even better are the recorded sales figures for the industry; while the number of vaping sales have risen, the sales figures for full-blown smoking have been slowly winding down. The proof is in the pudding, and the shopping habits of vapers are really lifting the pass time to unprecedented levels of success.

Still, what are these shopping habits that are giving the industry its surge in growth and popularity? Well, it could be any of the following…

Online Shopping

Buying cigarettes still usually means traipsing over to a local shop or petrol station. While you can buy cigarettes online, few people are aware of such a thing being legal and possible for that matter. Consequently, the experience of buying a pack of cigarettes is, for most people, entirely one dimensional and even somewhat bothersome when queuing at the till is involved.

Still, like those roaming the web for food, clothes and video games, vaping has a stark presence online too. Companies such as VIP offer a wide range of vaping products, allowing vapers to buy anything from their e-liquids to LEDs in one go. While online shopping has been shutting down high street shops for a while now, it’s these kinds of websites that make a worthy successor for them all in terms of their speed and efficiency.  

More to Buy

Cigarettes fall down in another area too; a lack of customisation. Put simply, what you see is what you get, and after a while smoking becomes more of a ‘ticking a box’ type scenario rather than a genuinely enjoyable past time. Smokers will show up for another pack, but there’s no excitement or innovative ‘latest release’. However, vaping isn’t just snagging a quick fix, it’s a hobby, and any good hobby involves tailoring the experience for a personal touch.

As any vaper knows well, there are many different flavours and aromas out there to experience and enjoy. Whether you want bubble-gum flavours or fruity vibes, it’s all in store and available. The different choices and possibilities are seemingly endless with a stock that keeps growing, refreshing the vaping trend and keeping shoppers coming back for new experiences rather than their occasional, usual hit. In the end, it’s not just easier to buy vaping products due to their online presence, there’s more to buy too and the sales figures are proving it!

More Willing

Customers like businesses that protect them. That sense of care and loyalty is seldom found, and a trustworthy product means more people are willing to splash a bit of extra cash for a better time. Smoking doesn’t have this luxury. After all, most people know that’s it bad for their health. Therefore, many smokers will consciously cap how much they spend on cigarettes on the basis of their wellbeing.

However, vaping has been proven to be a lot safer than smoking, and this piece of information is key to attracting and retaining customers. After all, there is a key switch taking place here, and shoppers are not only spoilt for choice in vaping products, but they know it’s a temptation that is safer than smoking. A crucial barrier is removed now and the flood gates are as good as open, which means the shopping habits of vapers can be more in line with rampant bulk-buying shenanigans rather than cautious spending.