Vapes of Wrath Zombie Kit – I Review… BRAINS!!!

Everyone loves a good gimmick, and Vapes of Wrath certainly has one going on with their Zombie eGo e-cigarette kit. Their Zombie kit comes with some nice zombie artwork by a local LA artist the company dug up. Good looks are nice and all, but is this kit worthwhile, or is it half dead? Read the rest of my Vapes of Wrath Zombie Kit review to find out more.

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Quick Stats

  • eGo style Kit
  • 1 Magnetic charging eGo battery
  • 1 Magnetic charging USB cable
  • 1 “Reanimator” CE4/5 tank
  • 1 collectable zombie sticker

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vapes of wrath zombie kit review ego kit contents

More about the VOW Zombie Kit

The combination of an eGo battery of some sort with a CE4 or CE5 clearomizer is fast becoming one of the most popular starter kits, even among new vapers.  It’s not hard to see why.  You get more battery life than a standard e-cigarette along with the ability to refill e-liquid easily instead of paying for expensive refill cartridges.

zombie kit review pinnable cover image.jpgThe Vapes of Wrath Zombie Kit offers all of that plus a couple of things most garden-variety entry level eGo kits lack.  Those things would be a little style and of course a magnetic charging system.

The Internet loves it some zombies, so it’s not surprising that VOW opted to go that route with their branding on this kit.  Plus the Bacon Starter Kit doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

While a zombie-themed e-cigarette starter kit might just be a little over-the-top, the theme isn’t over done.  The battery is a silky-coated flat black with a small zombie logo in green at the bottom of the battery near the magnetic charging port.

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Possibly somewhat disappointing, the button on the eGo battery illuminates in the standard white instead of some kind of spooky green.

A matching green-tinted replaceable head CE-4 style clearomizer finishes the zombie setup out.  You also get a nifty collectable sticker, if that’s your thing.

Of course, you’re probably much more interested in the magnetic charging system than the stickers they throw in the box.  If you look at the tip of the eGo battery, instead of a flat cap, you’ll see two circles inside the end cap.

vapes of wrath zombie kit review ego magnetsThese, of course, are the magnets.  The included USB magnetic cable has a sort of black plastic dome. Inside that dome are two matching magnets.

Charging is as simple as sticking the battery into the dome.  There is a right way and a wrong way to put the battery in the charger, but don’t worry you’ll know.  The magnets are very strong, so when the poles are not aligned correctly it simply won’t go in, ever.  Just rotate the battery and it will snugly click together.

The light on the battery will turn red (blood red?) while it’s charging and then turn off once the battery is completely charged.

Because this is just a simple cable, it’s a little less obtrusive than some of the other inductive charging kits out there.  The other one I’ve reviewed had a neat stand with a glowing blue circle, but it took up too much desk space.  The simple cable is a lot less prone to causing clutter.

Another advantage of the Zombie kit’s magnetic charger is that has pass-through capability.  You can continue using the e-cigarette while it’s hooked up to the charger, which is vital in a kit that includes only one battery.

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Using the VOW Zombie Kit

I am happy to report that the kit did not manage to eat my brains, as far as you know, while I was trying to use it.

Vapes of Wrath Zombie kit review full e-cigaretteThe included CE4, like most others on the market, was very easy to fill by unscrewing the drip tip and dripping e-liquid down the side.  The replaceable heads are situated at the top of the clearomizer and feature thick wicks.  Unfortunately, no replacement heads were included with this kit.

Now that I picked up a cool Smok multi-tester (available at MadVapes) I can actually get voltage readings from stuff like eGos, including the under load voltage.  So, if you’re so technically inclined,  the battery is regulated at 3.9 volts and drops to 3.6 volts under the load of the 2.5 ohm clearomizer for a real-world wattage of 5.1 watts.

While that’s not exactly earth-shattering power there, it certainly does a better job that some of the lower voltage eGo devices floating around out there.

Performance was not at all shabby. The vapor was fairly warm and plentiful thanks to the fairly heavy VG content of the e-liquid I was using (Marsh-Mellow Mojo from Tasty Troll, sold at one of my local B&M shops) Flavor production was decent, though nothing unusually spectacular.

What’s most noteworthy about that is VG e-liquid is fairly thick.  Often times clearomizers, particularly top-coil ones have a problem wicking thicker e-liquids.  That wasn’t the case with this setup.  I had no dry hits at all from the first fill all the way to the end of the tank.  That’s pretty impressive.

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Maybe it’s the wattage is a little lower than what I normally belt out on my variable wattage devices, but this clearomizer required no break-in period.  That’s especially nice for a kit that’s just as likely to be picked up by a novice vaper.

In general, I’m impressed with this little kit, particularly its ease of use.  And yes, I like the zombie sticker too.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

vapes of wrath zombie kit review tldr

Vapes of Wrath’s zombie kit is a zombie themed eGo e-cigarette starter kit with an inductive magnetic charger. The charging system is easy to use and allows for pass-through vaping.  Performance is quite respectable when coupled with the included “Reanimator” clearomizer.  You can pick yours up at the VOW website.


  • Magnetic charging
  • Great performance
  • Unique theming


  • Includes only one battery and one clearomizer
  • No replacement heads
  • No e-liquid included

Disclosure: This product was provided to me for review by VOW. That MadVapes link is an affiliate link.

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