Vaping and SEO Navigating the AD Ban

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Vaping and SEO: The 5 Best Ways to Advertise Online

Vaping is often unfairly tarnished with the same advertising brush as smoking, despite there being no conclusive evidence of it harbouring the same negative health effects. Additionally, with the TPD regulations releasing new, increased limitations to vaping last year, the industry is continuing to have a tough time finding a place to promote itself online.

However, not all hope is lost! SEO companies and e-cigarette vendors have found several ways to promote their product, brand or service, despite the restrictions.

In this article, I’m going to be talking about the ways in which vape companies and distributors are able to market their product without breaking any of the rules. Have a look below to find out how to bypass these rules!

Blog Posts

Always reliable and always will be! Starting a blog is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. Additionally, blog posts will always be a sure-fire way to boost your keyword count and attract potential readers to your site. If you’re blogging about something interesting in the vape world and you’re including some highly searched keywords, you’ll be on your way to driving traffic to your website.

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Sometimes blog posts don’t have to revolve around keywords! If you’re conducing a survey or case study on people’s favourite e-cigarette flavours, or survey on what age range vapes the most, chances are if your information is interesting some sites may ask if they can link to it, or even publish it! It’s all about keeping it interesting, so start blogging and writing about what interests you in the vape world.

Just make sure you aren’t writing false truths about vaping, for example, false information about vaping being healthy, as you might get penalised for this.

Online Competitions

Online competitions are not only fun but they’re a fantastic way to grow your consumer audience and attract new followers. The most successful competitions are those that offer something to the prospective participants, like free e-liquids or a new e-cigarette kit. If the competition is simple, i.e., it only asks for you to comment your favour e-cigarette flavour, then people will be more likely to take part.

Making the competition rewarding and accessible are the two best ways to drive traffic to your site and promote your brand.


YouTube has been a growing influence since 2008 and now has over 2,000 channels with over 1 million subscribers. That’s a lot of publicity!

So, many vape industries and companies have taken to YouTube to show off their brand, products and reviews. The opportunities are endless when it comes to video, it’s up to you how you promote your brand. Some of the more successful vape channels consist of ‘professional’ vape reviewers. These are people who review everything from e-liquids to e-cigarette kits and brands as a whole. Companies happily send their stock to these reviewers as they bring in a lot of traffic and most of the time leave positive reviews.

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You could even promote your own brand on YouTube and inject some of your own creativity. Whether that’s through humour, video-editing or CGI, the options are almost endless, you just have to find an avenue that suits your brand.

This is both a legal and great way to expand the reach for your vape company.

Vape Exhibitions

Another scene that’s growing in popularity are vape exhibitions. This is where people from across the country (sometimes even the world) all come to experiment with new vaping products and market their own brands. Most of the exhibitions are open to B2B services and B2C which means that everyone within the vape community can enjoy the exhibition.

The exhibitions have received a positive welcome from the vape community, as it was screaming out for something that brought vapers from across the globe together to enjoy a few days of vape-enthused fun. The exhibitions cover everything from trialling new e-liquids to cloud chasing competitions. So, if you’re looking to promote your brand or company, have a look at the vape exhibitions near you this year!

Social media

Social media will always be a popular platform to promote a product, brand or even an idea. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube all have the power to reach millions of people in an instant, so you’d be wise to take advantage of social media to promote your e-cigarette company.

Viral videos are one way to drive traffic to your site. Cloud chasing videos are one of the most popular social media trends in the vaping community. Austin Lawrence is a huge influencer, so much so that Drake flew him out to help him decide on which vape to buy and even show him some tricks!

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So, despite the advertising ban around the internet, vaping is still very much a business that continues to thrive online. You just have to be smart and know how to advertise according to the rules! Be creative and promote your brand in a way that’s going to capture people’s attention and imaginations.

Connor is a copywriter by trade and loves to write for vape shops as well as sites focused on a diversity of other topics.

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