Vaping the Seven Seas – Cruise Lines and e-Cigarettes

The following post on smoking restrictions on cruise lines is a guest post by Daniel. While I’m a big fan of cruising, all opinions expressed are solely those of the author. If you’d like to write about something here, cruising related or not, why not check out the guest submission page. Note that this article refers mostly to smoking policies, most cruise lines categorize e-cigarettes as smoking.

Traveling is one of the best adventures to ever experience, especially if it’s going on a cruise. For smokers it can be a bit more restrictive, because of all the rules and regulations. However, this doesn’t mean a smoker can have a good time, it just means finding the best cruise lines for smokers. Knowing which cruise lines have the least restrictive smoking rules can be ideal for those travelers who plan on being at sea for a lengthy time.

The Least Restrictive Smoking Policy Cruise Lines

cruise ship1Carnival cruise lines are the most liberal when it comes to smoking. Smokers can have a relaxing cigarette or e-Cigarette in cabins, balconies, bars, lounges, casinos, and open decks. The awesome fact about Carnival Cruise Lines is there are also great vacation destinations. This cruise line is well accommodating.

Princess is another cruise line that allows smoking however there are more restrictions. One of the main features of this cruise line is the balcony cabins. Smokers are able to smoke cigarettes, but the pricing is higher. Smoking is allowed in cabins, but non-smokers can also request a room that is non-smoking. Open deck areas, bars, and lounges all have their designated smoking areas.

Norwegian is another cruise ship that allows smoking in cabins, balconies, casinos and most decks.

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Crystal cruise lines will cost more than most cruise ships, but their smoking policies are not restrictive.

Holland America and Costa cruise lines are very similar in restrictions. The cabins and balconies permit smoking, but the bars, lounges, and open deck areas are all designated.

Cruise Lines With Restrictive Smoking Policies

Before any smoker decides to book a cruise, it is very important to check the smoking policies prior to going any further. There is no smoking in cabins or balconies for some of these cruise lines – Celebrity, Disney, Azmara, MSC, and Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean and Disney cruise lines are the only ships to still allow smoking on balconies.

When booking a cruise it’s always a good idea to ask about electronic cigarettes. Policies are always changing with each individual cruise line. You might find out that a particular cruise ship has leniency when it comes to electronic cigarettes, which will give you much more freedom to roam around and smoke. However, no matter what if you choose to smoke in a public area you need to respect those around you to ensure your smoking doesn’t bother anyone.

Update: According to Disney, they no longer allow smoking/vaping on balconies – SK

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