Vapor4Life Large Vapor Zeus and Smileomizers

Vapor4Life recently expanded its Vapor Zeus lineup.  In addition to the original black and cigar styles, there are now both large and small Zeus(es?) available in a rainbow of colors.  V4L sent over one of their large Vapor Zeus models for me to review since I whined that I wished the original were a little fatter. Read the rest of the review to see if the new large Vapor Zeus will shut me up.

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V4L Large Vapor Zeus Review title image Product name Vapor Zeus (XL)
Available from  Vapor4Life
Price  $51.95 – 107.95
Threading  808
Voltage 5v
Who’s it for?  People looking for a good quality simple high performance device. Someone who wants a refillable and reliable e-cigar.

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Large Vapor Zeus Design

Truth be told, there isn’t exactly much difference between the original Zeus I reviewed other than the size. Since the internet tends to have a short attention span, I’ll cover the finer points in this review as well.

V4L Zeus Passthrough portWhat V4L has come up with is a high-performance e-cigar. You have a large battery that boasts an impressive 1300 mAh which should keep moderate vapors puffing away all day long.  If you do manage to exceed the large capacity, fear not. The Zeus has USB pass through charging, just plug the mini USB cable in the end of the Zeus, plug it into a USB port and keep on puffing.

The battery is also available in two different styles: a straight-up auto battery and a convertible model. Naturally, it’s the convertible battery that gets all of the attention.  It looks like a typical manual battery with a square fire button that lights up with the V4L logo when activated.  The magic happens when you click the button 5 times, it turns the Zeus into auto mode where it will activate when puffed just like an auto battery.

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v4l zeus hybrid buttonI personally prefer the auto mode since it makes the cigar experience a little more realistic.  The hybrid battery does let you have the best of both worlds, but it comes at the expense of some extra length in the battery.

Whichever version you choose, you’ll get a battery that outputs 5v to the cartomizer compared to the 4v or less of most big-brand devices.  There will be more on this in the performance section on page 2.

The battery itself uses KR-808 threading like all of V4L’s product line.  That means you can use many standard 808 cartomizers, but not using the Smileomizers with the Zeus kind of kills the cigar experience.

It’s worth noting if you do opt to run a different cartomizer on the Vapor Zeus and its low resistance like a dual coil tank for example, the battery will drop the voltage.  There’s an amp limit built in so if the load is too high because of a low resistance carto, the Zeus downshifts to 3.7v as a safety mechanism.

Smileomizers run at a higher resistance, so there’s no problem with the voltage on those.  The smileomizers are fairly standard fare from a technology standpoint.  They’re traditional cartomizers with absorbent filler material.  Lots of filler material.

The large Zeus’ extra size allows for an impressive 6ml of e-liquid capacity.  In place of a drip tip is a rubber tip that unscrews for cartomizer filling.  The rubber tip is actually pretty nice for chewing on or gripping the Zeus in your teeth like Hannibal from the A-Team (the TV show, not the terrible remake). Although that part worked better in the original, now called medium, lineup.  I’ll cover that a little more in the next section.

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