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Using the Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus XL

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I’m going to do something a little different here. Instead of jumping straight into things like filling and the technical details, I’m going to talk more about the tactile aspects of the Zeus.

large vapor zeus and smileomizerSpecifically, I’m talking about using this thing as a cigar. I’m not even sure how much V4L wanted this thing to be an e-cigar to begin with. However, the fact it’s always been available in a cigar wrapper pattern I’m going to guess it’s crossed their mind.  BTW, I heard from a little birdie that they are testing out some new cigar flavors, so I’m guessing they’re going to run with the stogie thing.

As I mentioned in the previous review, I wanted this to become available in a larger ring gauge, which the XL version delivered.  While it’s not a super-fat gauge, it’s about the thickness of some of my favorite cigars.  In that way I’m pleased.

One thing that I didn’t much think about is that with a larger battery also comes a heavier battery.  The medium had a nice balance of weight to size while the large Zeus is a little on the heavy side.  Specifically, things like holding the e-cigar in your teeth aren’t quite as easy with the bigger model.

I also think the new size made the device a little too long, especially the convertible version since the button assembly adds some length to the device.

large vapor zeus smileomizer fillingMost of this is nitpicking, I know.  Speaking of minor complaints, the huge capacity of the new smileomizers is great, and they are very easy to fill.  But, the process involves some patience. It takes a long time to fill a brand-new 6ml cartomizer.

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To speed things up I recommend using a needle tip bottle or syringe.  That way you can fill by sticking the needle between the side of the Smileomizer and the filler. Filling via dripping directly from the bottle is certainly viable, it’ll just take a long time to saturate that much material.

Of course none of my complaints are really about performance.  And if you might be bugged by some of the things I mentioned, there’s always the two smaller sizes of the Zeus as well.

Performance is the Zeus’ strong point and this section is no different from the original Zeus.  The 5 volt battery coupled with the 2.6Ω resistance of the smileomizer produce an amazing output.  In terms of wattage, that combination  yields around 9.6 watts, which is a fair amount of power, and much more than you typically find in the smaller traditional e-cigarettes.

Vapor production is excellent even in auto mode, which is incredibly impressive.  Despite the higher wattage, the vapor isn’t hot. I’d classify it as moderate or so. The draw is reasonably stiff, but not overly so.  Again it’s about the way I liked my cigars (not that it’s useful information for anyone other than me).  I guess I’d call it on the slightly tight side of moderate.

Flavor reproduction is good although it is still a fillered cartomizer so you might not get all the subtle notes you would from a rebuildable or something along those lines.  Then again this product is aimed at a whole nother audience.

Specifically, this really does appeal to the cigar smoker.  I’ll usually mention this model when people ask about e-cigars.  Naturally, e-liquid tends to be the weak point in the cigar experience, although I’ve found certain cigar liquids to more closely mimic a cigar than cigarette liquids mimic cigarette smoke.

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For folks looking for a non-disposable e-cigar, the Zeus is a pretty good choice.

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V4L Large zeus tldr

Vapor4Life has expanded its popular Vapor Zeus lineup to include both a larger and smaller model in addition to new colors. The large vapor Zeus builds upon the cigar experience of the original although it does come at the cost of some extra weight. As a former stogie lover, I can’t help but gush about this one just a little.  Go get your own at Vapor4Life.


  • Good cigar experience
  • Huge e-liquid capacity
  • 1300mAh battery
  • Available in auto/manual convertible
  • USB pass-through
  • 5V battery output


  • A little on the heavy side
  • Filling new Smileomizer an exercise in patience
  • Convertible model a little lengthy

Disclosure: I received this item for review from V4L. This review features affiliate links.


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