vapor4life review vapor titan title image

Vapor4Life Review – V4L’s Vapor Titan

Vapor4Life Review

vapor4life review vapor titan title image

e-Cigarette brand Vapor4Life has recently started to expand their product line.  The Vapor Titan battery is one of the many additions along with things like cartomizer tanks and other items that have recently appeared on the shelves at Vapor4Life. Review material for today will focus on the company’s new flagship e-cigarette battery line.  Read the rest of the Vapor4Life Vapor Titan review to see what’s so special about a new e-cigarette battery.

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What’s in the Box

Vapor4Life offers their Vapor Titan batteries both standalone and in starter kit format.  The starter kit comes in 3 trim levels: slim, standard and ultimate.  You can mix and match the included batteries and cartomizers in your kit. If you opt for the starter kit, you will receive the following items:

  • Image via Vapor4Life.com2 Vapor Titan batteries of your choice (1 battery in the slim kit)
  • 2 five packs of cartomizers (1 pack in the slim kit)
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 slim charger
  • 1 USB pass-through (ultimate kit only)
  • 1 portable charging case (ultimate kit only)

Vapor Titan Design

The Vapor Titan sits at the top of V4L’s product food chain.  The new KR808D-1 battery line was designed to have a fit and finish that gave the Vapor4Life gear a distinctly high-end feel. One of the key features to that end is the soft touch finish as the company calls it.

vapor4life review vapor titan switchThe Soft Touch feature is basically a rubberized coating on the outside of the battery. This finish can also be found in some eGo style devices.  I have to admit I’m way more fascinated with this finish than I ought to be.  The coating gives the e-cigarette battery a kind of silky feel.

I find myself often sort of running my fingers along the finish for some reason beyond just trying to see if I can get the finish to flake off.

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So far I have not been successful in getting the finish to give in to my idle fidgeting.

Complementing the sort of Park Avenue feel of the Vapor Titan is the “bejeweled” LED cap.  Rather than the traditional e-cigarette end cap that sort of likes the ash end of a cigarette, Vapor4Life’s battery sports a clear, faceted plastic jewel through which the LED (either blue or white) shines.

That would explain why these are also called the diamond series models.

The Vapor Titan is also available in a “stealth” model which has no LED tip.

The batteries are available in both automatic and manual batteries.  The manual model gets a clear, faceted switch to match the tip.  It seems like the switch should light up, but it doesn’t, no matter how many times I try to click the button.

vapor4life review batteriesTo compensate for the lack of a blinged-out switch, the auto batteries have their own special feature: They’re sealed.  There’s no hole down the middle of the battery connector in V4L’s auto battery.  This means if you like both dripping e-liquid and auto batteries, you’re in luck.

Selection is the name of the game with this product line.  Not only can you choose automatic or manual Vapor Titans, you can also choose from three different sizes.  Each size is progressively longer with the XL model being a pretty lengthy affair.  Adding the manual switch option also adds a little more length to each battery.

Beyond size choice, you can get the Vapor Titan a veritable rainbow of colors and patterns. They seemingly have everything from girly pink to camouflage.

The charger that comes with the starter kit may be one of my least favorite things about this product line.  The slim charger that comes with the kit isn’t a USB charger.  Rather it’s a block that plugs into the wall with an 808 connector on the opposite end.

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The charger itself is a little chunky in my opinion.  What makes it worse is that the battery screws in the opposite end from the prongs, leaving you with something that protrudes from the wall a good 8 inches.

Vapor4Life Performance

Vapor4Life also claims that the Vapor Titan batteries are custom designed exclusively for them.  I was unable to get any specific information on the subject.  It does seem that the Vapor Titan batteries are better able to sustain peak voltages (around 4.2) for longer periods of time than the older batteries.

Testing on the multimeter, I found that the batteries came off the charger at 4.2v and shut off when discharged to around 3.7v.

I didn’t notice a lot of drop off in production as the battery wore down.  This indicates the circuitry does a pretty good job of regulating the voltage.

vapor4life review two batteriesSimilarly, I couldn’t find information on the stated mAh range.  I would venture to guess it’s the same as similar 808 batteries with the XL model having a bit under 400 mAh of capacity.

Moderate vapers should easily coax several good hours out of an XL or even a standard battery.  I got through a couple of hours of typical heavy-duty vaping.

V4l sent me some of their WOW cartomizers along with the batteries for testing.  These cartos have a fairly low resistance, in the low 2Ω range.  The combination of the two provided a pretty warm vapor in my testing.

Flavor and throat hit were interestingly a little varied.  The level of vapor as well as the amount of hit depended on which flavor cartridge I was using at the time.  I had two different packs, cocktail flavors and tobacco flavors.

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The cocktail cartos seemed to produce a little more wimpy vapor than did the tobacco offerings.  One of the tobacco flavors, traditional had an absolutely awesome throat hit.  I eventually refilled one of the cartos with an e-liquid I was familiar with to get a more neutral feel for the performance.

With a familiar e-liquid loaded up in the cartomizer, performance fell a little more in line with my expectations.  Vapor production was good from the voltage and resistance combination of the e-cigarette.  Flavor production also seemed to hold up well, but since I was reusing a pre-filled carto, I couldn’t tell exactly how well the flavor held up.


Too Long; Didn’t Read

vapor4life review end image

In this Vapor4Life review, I took the Vapor Titan battery through its paces.  The battery has a distinctly high-end feel with its soft touch coating, color offerings and finishes.  The Titan comes in a huge variety of finish and style options. V4L’s Vapor Titan also happens to be a very competent mini e-cigarette battery. The only real drawbacks to this device is the charger and the batteries somewhat premium price tag. You can pick up a Vapor Titan at Vapor4Life’s website.


  • Very high-end look and feel
  • Well constructed
  • Good performance
  • Excellent variety of sizes, styles and colors
  • Pricey
  • Some pre-filled carto options seem hit or miss
  • The charger protrudes awkwardly from the power outlet
Product name: Vapor4Life Vapor Titan (Stealth or Diamond)
Available at: Vapor4Life
Save 20% on kits with discount code KIT20.
Threading: KR808D-1
Battery capacity: not listed (probably ranging from 180-380mAh)
Voltage: 4v

Disclosure: Vapor4Life sent this product to me for evaluation and review. They also sent a nifty I love vaping t-shirt along with the product sample.  I occasionally write guest posts for the V4L Official Blog

Steve K

Hello and welcome to Steve K


  • Thank you Steve for writing this very detailed review of the new Vapor4Life Vapor Titan batteries. I appreciate your honesty, and I'm sure your readers do too. I think a lot of vapers are quite fascinated by the soft touch coating too (and I don't think there's anything wrong with that)! :)

  • I use V4L and I have been on the fence about the cost of these battery's but like you I really just want to touch one. If I could afford it I would get them. Thank you for the review I have been waiting for it since you posted the pictures. :)

    • I had no idea sticking pictures on my facebook page built such anticipation. I also do it because I take more pics than will fit in a review. I have to agree these batteries are a little bit spendy. They do have a good fit and finish to them.

  • I love the way these batteries look, they're very elegant. And, more importantly, I like the way they feel. I'm a fairly new vaper, and since ecigs are a bit heavier than I'm use to, I feel as if I have a good grip. Thanks so much.

  • Although the V4L Titan batteries seem a bit pricey, V4L has great bonus offers of up to 50% off. The velvety feel is really nice and my lavender one has a pink led which was a pleasant surprise.
    Just register at their site and keep your eyes open for deals via email. Also I prefer the Slim charger (I got the white one) where I can just screw in the battery – I have way too many cords on various charging mechanisms and it gets confusing. This charger also help protect batteries from overcharging.


  • Titans Rock. V4L has been the best on the market …. at least the best of the 6 top brands I've tried. With the sales they have the price is actually better than most. Problem is… lots of changes in the past few months and I'm getting concerned that the quality of product is slipping. I'm a long time V4L user (have almost all of their products) but I hope this is an adjustment period…. sometimes success brings greed or moving too fast … otr trying to fix things that are not broken… or sometimes business just has to adjust as markets adjust. I'll stick with them because they ALWAYS stand behind thier product and customer service can't be beat. Really… I don't work for them… I don't get anything from them… they don't have any of thoes programs where if you sell them you get discounts… so all of the comments and reviews cannot be influenced. I love the flavors and the vape … but product quality seems to be slipping…. I believe they will get it figured out and if you do have something that is defective – and you are honest and reasonable with them, they will 100% take care of you. Every E cig out their has their issues. But try finding the flavor, product and a company that really stands behind their product… hard to find. Titans do rock… about 10% of them have a tough draw, but they will resend if you're not happy…. You will not be disappointed in V4L – and the cost is quite a bit less if you sign up for the news letter. You can get at least 30% off on orders at least once a week and up to 45% off a couple of times a month. This is the place to start… I hope it will remain the place to stay. NV Nikki

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