VaporFi Rocket Review – Blast off!

VaporFi, formerly known as VaporZone has put in a lot of work beefing up their line of vaping offerings.  It is a fantastic time in vaping history since so many companies are competing to put out compelling new devices. The Rocket starter kit is one of the new setups that have made it my way.  Let’s check it out in this review and see how it stacks up.

Disclosure: I received this product for review from VaporFi.  This review contains affiliate links.

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VaporFi Rocket Review

vaporfi rocket kit contentsLet’s start off this review with the mile high overview.  The rocket kit is a large, variable voltage battery combined with an adjustable airflow Pyrex tank.  The general idea behind the kit is a very simple setup that provides advanced performance.  If you recall, there’s several setups hitting the market along similar themes like the TECC V-Scope, for example.

The kit is a little pricey, ringing in north of the $100 mark.  For that you get the 1600 mAh battery, the tank, 5 replacement heads along with the charger and adapter.

We’ll start with the battery, which is a very minimalistic setup.  There’s no external displays or adjustment buttons going on here.  Rather, it’s a lot like a giant eGo Twist.  Unlike the Twist, however is the minimalistic design.

There’s the voltage selection dial at the bottom that lets you range from 3.2-4.8v. Actual design similarities pretty much end there.

The button is located a little farther down on the body than an eGo and it’s curved to match the profile of the tube. A backlit LED ring surrounding the button illuminates when pressed.  Naturally, the button also features a 5-click on/off.

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You’d be forgiven for thinking the battery connector is a standard-style flat top 510 connector. However, that’s actually a very cleverly disguised dress up ring.  Remove the top to reveal a standard eGo style connector.  A very elegant touch.

There is no USB port for charging on this device.  Rather, it uses an external screw-in charger.  This charger’s threading has been adapted to allow it to be connected for charging without removing the beauty ring.  I like that attention to detail, but I’d have preferred pass-through USB charging to an external charger.

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While I’m making fairly minor complaints, I’d also like to point out, there’s no color coding with the LED light around the button.  It stays white the whole time, until it finally flashes to let you know its charge is gone.

Otherwise, the detail work continues up to the tank.  The setup is perfectly sized to match the battery, and the outer sleeve of the tank is color matched to the battery carry on the design aesthetic of the device.

vaporfi rocket tankThe bottom section of the tank is the airflow controller.  An outer ring with a slot covers an inner section with five airholes ported into the base of the tank.  Adjusting the sleeve to cover or expose the ports adjusts the flow accordingly.  The motion is very smooth.

There is a portion of the bottom cap directly below this setup that is stationary to allow for easy opening of the tank for filling.

Internally, the tank is fairly standard faire.  It’s a dual bottom coil setup with replaceable heads.  The heads, however, aren’t the same as are used in the more popular Kanger or Smok setups. Rather they have a sort of barrel inside of which sits the coil assemblies.  This is a lot closer to the Ola X setup than anything else.

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As I mentioned already, the Pyrex glass tank is covered by a metal sleeve. The sleeve features four port holes to view the status of the e-liquid in the tank.  The top of the tank and tip are for the most part, unremarkable.

Using the VaporFi Rocket

As simple and garden-variety as this setup seems, I’ve found myself drawn to it.  Sometimes simple is exactly what you need.  I’ve also been impressed with the tank’s longevity.

I have been using this setup longer than is typical for one of my reviews.  I also haven’t changed out the head in it yet.  It’s gone well over two weeks and the flavor production is still strong.

vaporfi rocket adjustment dialGranted, I haven’t really put the tank on a higher power device, but even ripping at the 4.8v setting on the battery most of the time, I haven’t experienced burning or the such yet.  I generally end up replacing or rewicking Smoktech heads about once a week in contrast.

The battery also has a surprising amount of longevity to it, easily getting me through a work day without having to charge it on most days.

While I find the performance quite satisfactory, I wouldn’t say it is the highest performance variable voltage device I’ve ever played with.  But, it is one of the most simple.  There’s a lot to be said for a device you can just use without putting a lot of effort behind it.

Users who are looking for something that performs well, but don’t like to be bothered with a lot of extras or complex mechanics would be well served to give the VaporFi rocket a closer look.  You can get a closer look at pricing and options at VaporFi’s website.

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