Vendor Launches Social Media Customer Service

Electronic Cigarette vendor Vapor4Life just sent out a press release announcing their new social media-based customer service efforts.  Customers will now be able to hit up V4L via Twitter, Facebook or the web (and that old fashioned telephone thing too I imagine)

Vapor4Life always kept the focus on consumer experience when brainstorming new ways in which they can better serve their consumers. “Being present and active on the most popular social media platforms allows our customers to interact with us and with one another,” said Alex Levine, Social Media Strategist at PACO Ideation, the agency that developed this strategy in conjunction with Vapor4Life. “It also allows us the opportunity to provide them with a robust, multimedia answers.”

Vapor4Life is known for providing knowledgeable, timely customer service. Customers can continue to contact Vapor4Life by phone or live chat on their website, but also by visiting them on or by tweeting with @V4LCustServ.

Many vendors have been responsive to their customers via Facebook and Twitter for ages without publicizing it.  I think it’s important for our industry that vendors maintain high levels of customer service.  After all, let’s face it, our E-Cigarettes can be temperamental beasts at times.

E-Cigarette Industry Leader Vapor4Life Launches Social Media Customer Service – Press Release – Digital Journal

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