Favorite e-cigarette Vendors

Welcome to the e-cigarette vendors page.  In this page you will find a list of vendors featured throughout this site. Vendors are broken into categories which you can access via clicking the sections below.

General Electronic Cigarette Retailers

These merchants carry a wide range of e-cigarette products.  Most general merchants carry basic starter kits, more advanced starter kits like the eGo family, e-liquid, batteries and accessories. Some general merchants also produce and carry specialized “mod” style e-cigarettes.

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shop at MadVapes
MadVapes is a vendor that carries a dizzying array of products. Offerings range from basic e-cigarettes, accessories and e-liquid to parts for building your own e-cigarette. MadVapes also produces many custom modsView reviews featuring MadVapes


Vapor Alley (formerly AtmosUSA) stocks an excellent selection of electronic cigarettes, starter kits and accessories in a number of different sizes and styles. Save 5% on all non-sale priced purchases with coupon code “SteveK” View reviews featuring Vapor Alley



Shop at SmartVapes
SmartVapes is the vendor which first brought us the dripping atomizer. This company is now an official Innokin reseller as well as carrying a stock of interesting products.


Hawaii-based Volcano eCigs has a great selection of devices from beginner kits to the exclusive Lavatube 2.0. Everything is available in a rainbow of colors. Fitting for a company from the Rainbow State.


Vape, Don't Smoke! Vaping zone
Vaping Zone offers an impressive selection of electronic cigarettes, advanced personal vaporizers, accessories and e-liquid.  This place is likely to have something for everyone! You can also save 6% on your order when you use coupon code Vz10


Happy eSmoker is another vendor that provides a good selection of e-cigarette gear.  They also offer some unique stuff that I’ve only seen there, or they seem to have it first. Always friendly and featuring great customer service, they’re sure to make you a happy esmoker too.


MikeUSA banner
Mike and Carol’s (AKA MikeUSA) has a nice variety of e-cigarette gear as well as some other things, like scissors for some reason.  All quirkiness aside, this place consistently has some of the best prices on eGo batteries around.  If you’re an eGo fan, you should be shopping here.



Standard e-Cigarettes

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - #1 Ecig Brand Worldwide!
These retailers specialize in electronic cigarette products that closely resemble an actual cigarette.  These kits are designed to be simple and are well suited to people new to e-cigarettes

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Henley is a new player that has some very sleek standard-style e-cigarettes. They also offer the full line-up of more advanced gear to meet your needs.



 Apollo offers an excellent array of traditional e-cigarette starter kits and disposables.  They also have e-liquids and a few varieties of cartomizers for more diverse customers.  In addition, Apollo carries the advanced V-Tube (including the copper and stainless versions) and Elips e-cigarettes.


V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - #1 Ecig Brand Worldwide!
 V2 Cigs is one of the big players in the industry.  V2 offers a very complete selection of traditional e-cigarettes and accessories.  They performed very well in my review of their products.  They have one of the best USB pass-through e-cigarettes I’ve used.  V2 recently also began selling its e-liquid separately from cartridges.Save 10% off your order with discount code stevevape Reviews featuring V2 Cigs


Panda ecigs focuses on what they like to call professional men and women. They have some nice starter kits featuring high-end clearomizers instead of traditional cartridges.


Vapor4Life E-Cigarettes
Vapor4Life not only features some nice standard starter kits, but a wide range of advanced devices and e-liquids. All devices are compatible with the same cartomizers, a nice touch.


voltchargead image
Smokeless Image sells the very popular Volt lineup of standard e-cigarettes including a sleek carrying case that charges your Volt on the go.  SI also carries a very popular lineup of e-liquid.Save 10% with discount code SIVOLT88Reviews featuring Smokeless Image


The eciggy.com is an authorized V2 Cigs brand e-cigarettes reseller and often has great deals on V2 Cigs




e-Liquid Merchants

Naturally, e-liquid sellers specialize in making and selling nicotine liquid for your electronic cigarette.  Some merchants carry additional accessories and some e-cigarette kits.

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Vape Dudes banner
VapeDudes has a huge selection of e-liquid and some hardware. Use discount code vapedudes for 40% off your order (one time use coupon)!  As an added bonus, flat-rate shipping and a rewards program!


EC Blend Banner
EC Blend offers a wide selection of e-liquids. If that’s not good enough, you can create your very own custom blend.  Mix and match up to four different flavors and other options and then give your creation a name!



highbrow vapor
Highbrow Vapor focuses purely on e-liquid.  The company offers a wide variety of crafted flavors. All orders over $50 ship freeSave 15% on your order with discount code SteveK


Halo American Made E-Liquid
 is one of the premier e-cigarette e-liquid manufacturers. The company features many unique flavors and the highest quality US-made liquid.  Halo has a devoted following of fans.


International Vendors

Ecigwizard are a leading European vendor, supplying UK made e-liquid and electronic cigarettes.

These vendors are based outside of the US (generally, in the UK) and ship throughout Europe, and other parts of the world.  These vendors have either been featured in reviews of their own, or carry some of the items I’ve reviewed via US-based merchants.  In addition to the merchants listed here, many of the US-based stores mentioned on the vendor page also ship internationally.

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ECig Wizard is a general e-cigarette supplier based in the UK.  The company sells a variety of starter kits and supplies from the basic to exotic.  ECig Wizard also features a great line of UK-made e-liquid.


liberty flights discount code logo
Liberty Flights is another general retailer that stocks a wide variety of e-cigarettes and accessories.  The company has a UK and a US-based website. The discount code applies only to orders placed through the UK site.Save 15% off your order with discount code SteveVape


eCigarette Direct is a seller based in the UK.  They sell their Halo line of e-cigarettes including the new Halo Tank e-cigarette and a line of UK-made e-liquid.  Their products are available in most of Europe, Japan, and Australia at HaloECigarette.com.au.Reviews featuring eCigarette Direct




These vendors have proven reliable and trustworthy in my interactions.  But, the vendors are third parties, so I cannot offer any gurantees nor assist in the unlikely event of any issues you may have with any certain vendor.

Many of the links on this page are affiliate links, or links to supporting vendors.  Purchasing products through these links help support this site.  Thank you for visiting!