Vision Deux: Review Update

I posted a review recently about the Vision 3.5ml e-cigarette clearomizer sold by GotVapes.  Nearly as fast as the devices sold out, there was some retooling done and an updated version has been stocked on shelves.
Update: For a new review of the latest and greatest Vision Cartomizer (from MadVapes) Check out the new Vision 3.5ml Clear Cartomizer review. -sk
Normally I wouldn’t go through the effort to post an update to a review as revisions are very common. This update however, actually clears up what was one of the biggest flaws with this particular cartomizer. Not only that, but the design used to fix the issue is pretty novel as far as I can tell.
See that? It wants to choke you!
The particular issue that has vexed me with these cartomizers (and a number of other top coil cartomizers as well) is when e-juice gets trapped between the top gasket and the mouthpiece.  Sooner or later you’re going to take a puff and get a disgusting mouthful of e-liquid.  It’s one of the things I hate the most about vaping.
The new Vision has a totally redesigned inner and outer silicone cup system that work together to keep juice from seeping into the mouthpiece.  It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try my best here.  A typical CE2 style cartomizer has a hole in the inner gasket that is located over the heating element.  This is what allows vapor to get from that coil to you.
Old, new
The new and improved design features a hollow stem instead of a hole.  This does two things.  First, it keeps the vapor more concentrated to help reduce condensation.  Second it prevents vapor from flooding the coils.  This second part is vital for the new filling system used with these cartos.
This revision has ditched the tiny syringe sized pin holes for filling.  Rather it has two honkin’ huge slots on either side of the gasket.  The idea is you can stick a pipette or other small filler (but not necessarily a syringe) to fill it.  I found that you can actually just drip directly from the bottle to fill.  Just get your e-liquid somewhat close to the holes and it will flow right in.
I’ve only been using these new models a couple of hours, but so far I haven’t sucked any juice. The previous iteration of these had me spitting out e-liquid within the first hour.
The Vision Deux is available at GotVapes, it also appears that this revision is available at as the 3.5ML Ultra Clear-O Mizer.

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