Vision Mini Vivi Nova – Small and familiar

I’m back again with yet another Vivi Nova Review. What can I say? There are a whole lot of variants of this popular e-cigarette tank running around. This time I have the Mini Vivi Nova made by Vision. Let’s take a look at the downsized version of the popular tank in this review and see if good things come in small packages.

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Product name Mini Vision Vivi Nova 2.0ml
Available from  Happy eSmoker
Price  $11.95
Capacity 2.0ml
Threading 510


Mini Vivi Nova Design

Vision’s small Nova is unsurprising much like its larger counterparts. The basic design features an outer tube with graduated markings from .50 to 2.0ml. Nestled between two end caps is a replaceable head that can be swapped out when it no longer works, or to get different resistances.

vision mini vivi nova review nova imageThere are some differences from the mini’s big brothers. For example, the end caps are considerably taller, making it easier to remove them. The higher profile caps make a nice style statement as well.

A more practical reason exists for the beefier caps. Besides being a smaller diameter than the big Novas, the mini’s tank is also shorter. The larger tank means that Vision can use the same internal components as the big versions to save on production costs.

The internals are indeed identical all the way down to the secret gasket hidden in the drip tip. If you’re unaware of this little marvel, check out the quick video I did on the subject, it really does make a difference.  Why they still hide this thing, and more importantly, why they don’t include extras is a mystery to me.

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Unlike the Smoktech Slim Nova, there are no other fancy features like a spring-loaded battery connector. Things are pretty straight forward with the Vision products.

Using the Mini Vision Vivi Nova

As you might expect, performance is not going to be too far off from Vision’s other tanks. That makes for a pretty short review, so I’ll go into a little more detail.

vision mini vivi nova review disassembledThe smaller target may seem like it would make filling the mini a little more difficult.  It takes perhaps a tiny bit more care, but it’s not at all difficult to fill without dumping e-liquid straight down the center of the head. Having that gasket I keep mentioning also helps by making the center of the head a smaller target.

Did I mention the handy gasket yet? It helps prevent gurgling and gives a performance bump as well since there’s a more direct connection from the head to the mouthpiece.

Vapor production and flavor are both quite good, and I’m able to run the Nova about 9 watts without any sort of burning and without having to replace the wick with cotton. Although I’m sure that’s exactly what I’ll do after I’m done with this review.  Call it an odd proclivity of mine if you must.

Really, the only unexpected thing I ran into with the small-fry version of the Vivi Nova is the resistance.  For some reason, it seems to be off. Each head I tried, and both of the minis I have in my possession measured at about half an ohm higher than rated.

In a world of variable voltage, that’s not much of a big deal. However, if you’re using an eGo or something, expecting 1.8 ohm and getting 2.4 or so might be a bummer.

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I can’t really explain it, perhaps it has something to do with the actual battery connector or planetary alignment or something, but it’s worth at least being aware.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

mini vivi nova review tldr

Not that this was a long review anyway, but here we go.  The Mini Vision Vivi Nova is like the big Vivi Nova but smaller. The design features beefier end caps, but other than an odd discrepancy in resistance, offers similar performance to a standard tank. Click here to pick one of these up at Happy eSmoker.


Stylish tank
Similar performance to a Vivi Nova
Secret gasket!


Resistance seems to be off
Why do they hide the $%^@ gasket?!

Disclosure: I received this item from Happy eSmoker. This article features affiliate links.


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